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Sightseeing Pula while cycling - an interesting way to explore the city

Sightseeing Pula while cycling - an interesting way to explore the city

Pula on wheels - a unique way to explore and discover the city

Not in the mood for walking? Sightseeing Pula in hot summer? Ouch! Nevertheless, there is still hope. Just recently Pula has extended the overall tourist offer with the E-Bikes (E not for Easy but for Electric!).

Which can be tricky because the bikes are available to public, and on the other hand, it is so convenient during summer months when you just can't walk or it is too hot, or you are just not that much of a sightseeing person. For longer tours, scroll down, you will find some excellent bike renters, and read on our guide to find longer routes and bike day trips around Pula, and in other regions of Istria.

At E-Bike stations, one at Giardini and the other at the food market, you can take your electric bike practically free and tour the city. Before setting off you have to check in at the EDIC center (Giardini 2), and register with an ID card or any other valid document with picture. After that, the bike is yours for a full two hours.

Limited by time, and considering that your company might be smaller kids, the presented route is family version, light in all its elements, familiarizing you with Pula city center and closer surrounding area. Of course, there is more to Pula, but we will cover this for you in extended routes and adjustments that you can add on according to your skills and time. In this easy version you will ride by thirteen Pula's attractions, at an average speed of 12kmph, with enough time to rest and check closer some of the points of interest. The total length of the route is about 13km with slight elevations, some walking, and different types of ground.

Easy bike in Pula starts at your check in point in Giardini, right after your morning coffee in this street full of murmur at packed terraces of numerous cafes. From Giardini off you head to one of Pula's seven hills – Monvidal, via Stankoviceva Stret. Monvidal is one of Pula's fortifications built during 19th century for the sole purpose of defending the most important Austro-Hungarian trade and military port Pula.

Next interest point is Pula's amphitheater Arena, a spectacular Roman building remarkably preserved and in function. From Arena, across the park, with some off bike walking time, you will end up on the seafront with the shipyard in the far back and beautiful yachts in the marina. From this point, you can see the full size of the Pula's port and get the picture of how well it was initially designed.

Riding on to the Kastel, the second fortress you will pass by in this tour. Kastel was actually built first in the medieval times, after that the Venetians reestablished the fortification system and the Austro-Hungarians upgraded and expanded the entire system with tunnels under. Today the tunnels are one of the Pula's attractions, called Zerostrasse. From Kastel straight to the Forum, main Pula's square where you can glimpse over the Roman, Venetian, and modern architecture.

four downhill bikes parked on a bicycle rack with a sign saying „Bike Rentals“

After Forum, you will exit on the Flaciusova Street directly at the shipyard, usually with a huge vessel visible from the outside with ongoing works. Ride by, and off to St. Polikarp’s Street to cross residential Stoja, with the Navy Cemetery, only to end in the Valkane bay with a beautiful view of the beach and the sea. Riding on to the right in Lungomare, at the beginning of this beautiful promenade, stop for refreshment and to soak in the view and the breeze.

Your ride along the Lungomare will be full of beautiful beaches and views, and if you are lucky, not that far away, you will spot some dolphins, usually in the late afternoon, but sometimes even early in the morning and during the day. In Gortanova bay, just recently, a Mediterranean monk seal rested in late afternoon, quite friendly, usually with a security guard for understandable reasons due to high interest primarily of children and parents eager to touch her.

Breath in the pine scents and salted breeze, listen to the birds and enjoy colorful game water plays at the edge of shore. From Lungomare, one way street ends in Uskocka Street continuing to Veruda, take a left turn to Krlezina, and after couple of meters you will see small stairway going up. Off the bike and up the stairs to the path going across Volticeva Street up to Fort Casoni Vecchi on the hill today called Vidikovac. Back from Vidikovac, on your way to the food market you will see different architectural and historical influences in Pula, soak a bit more in culture and habits of its people. Coming to the food market, seize the opportunity and have lunch, or a quick bite. Try prosciutto, cheese, and wide selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Your ride ends passing down Flanaticka Street that comes right to the Arch of the Sergii, another Roman remain with history of its own to tell, and James Joyce is over- watching the situation from the cafe table in Ulysses. You are back in Giardini, and to your bike station.

The tour is adjusted to your time so if you intent to stop longer at any of the named locations, bear in mind that your time free on E-Bike is limited due to its battery, and for more time think about renting a MTB for even longer routes around Pula or any other part of Istria.

Bike tour of Pula is a unique way to explore the city first hand and decide on further more detailed exploring of attractions and other points of interest. The 3 000 years old city of Pula is a real gem in terms of impressive heritage. Have fun and enjoy a relaxing two-hour ride around Pula.

Istria generally is a destination for cyclist of all profiles, regardless of skills. Almost every location offers rentals with bike routes nearby. Landscape and heritage abundant trails calling you for adventurous exploration. Cycling in Istria is somewhat different holiday, a holiday full of tradition, sightseeing and astonishing landscapes anywhere you go. Picturesque towns and fresh air will surely heal and energize you turning your recreational ride into a complete cycling experience. There is no better place to start your active holiday than magical Istria.

You can download the map HERE.

Bike renters in Pula:
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MALUPE SPORT +385(0)989801155; [email protected] 
MAREMONTI – ISTRA +385(0)52384000; [email protected]
PULA BIKE +385(0)977378077; [email protected] 

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