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Popular and beautiful panorama points in Dalmatia you simply have to visit

Popular and beautiful panorama points in Dalmatia you simply have to visit

Enjoy in your special family moments by spending time at the most beautiful places in Dalmatia

In our previous article we already wrote about some admirable panorama points in Istria. Now it´s time to mention the ones a bit further to the south - in Dalmatia.

Forest Park Marjan

Marjan is a beautiful hill overlooking Split, with the highest peak of 178m and is one of the most impressive parts of Split. One does not often see such harmony of nature and urbanism: on the one hand a densely populated city and on the other a peninsula of almost untouched nature. Marjan can be described as a beautiful green oasis where you can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful nature.

You can climb Marjan directly through the beautiful famous Split waterfront and get to the lookout point where you have a stunning view of Split itself and the islands. Walkers of all ages can enjoy peace or recreation and fun along nature trails. Marjan Forest Park is one very special place from which you can experience Split in its full glow and create wonderful memories from one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Dalmatia.

National park Krka

The national park Krka is one of the Croatian national parks, named after the river Krka, in central Dalmatia. It was formed to protect the Krka river.
Krka became a national park on January 24, 1985 and it is the seventh national park in Croatia. The most special thing about this national park is the large number of absolutely gorgeous lakes and waterfalls.

Experience the stunning beauty of Krka National Park on a day trip that you won’t regret because it is an absolute “must do”. The breathtaking views gives you a fantastic photo opportunity. The national park Krka is a beautiful canyon filled with blue clean water where you can even swim under the waterfalls and get an amazing swimming experience. Complete your vacation by visiting this wonderful place.


Fortress Fortica on the island of Hvar

The island Hvar is one of the most unique Adriatic jewels and one of the hottest European summer destinations. What will take your breath away is the preserved nature, culture, wine, food and the inevitable “Fortica” fotress.

The Fortica fortress was built in the middle of the 16th century and is located above the old town. The fort offers you a breathtaking view of the city of Hvar and the surrounding islands. Except a beautiful sight for the eye, you will also enjoy coming to it: if you take the easy walk from the square to north, you will pass the main city gate or the "Porta di Datallo". Throughout the walk you will see beautiful palaces built in the 15th and 16th centuries. The views up and during the walk are really fabulous and stunning followed by trees and stone walls. You will defintely enjoy the visit to the spectacular fortress Fortica.


Nature park Biokovo

Biokovo Nature Park or how Croats like to say “mountain with roots in the sea and forehead in the lightning” is one of 11 nature parks in Croatia. It was declared as a nature park in 1981. Biokovo is the second highest mountain range in Croatia, located along the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, between the rivers of Cetina and Neretva.

If you want to be amazed by the beautiful sea view, you have to visit the nature park Biokovo. The view to the sea is marvellous from all altitudes and it even goes to the Italian coastline. Nevertheless, a visit to Biokovo provides a memorable experience of mountain and sea you should definitely not miss. Whether you love hiking or cycling or just enjoying the view, give yourself the opportunity to explore the beauty of this park.


Fortress Mirabella in Omis

Omis is a town and port in the Dalmatia region. Its location is where the beautiful Cetina river meets the Adriatic sea. The 20 kilometers long Omis riviera offers you a coast of exceptional beauty, with stunning pebble and sandy beaches, bays, steep cliffs and a crystal clear blue sea.

The fortress Mirabella is a romanesque fortress built in 13th century located above the town of Omis in Dalmatia. There is a very interesting background story: Mirabella was a hideout for the Omis pirates. There is a legend that says that in 1537, during an attack by the Turks, the defenders of Omis confused the attackers with their shouting and shots so much, that the Turks overestimated the number of defenders and ran away so the city wasn’t damaged.

A big advantage of the location is that it’s near to the city center and very easy to reach. It offers you a great view over the city with a relaxing atmosphere. It is also a pleasant place for a meal under the shadow of the trees. Take this stairway to heaven and make some great photos of the sea, mountains, the canyon of river Cetina and even the island of Brac.


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