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Picigin - About the traditional ball game that can be seen on many beaches

Picigin - About the traditional ball game that can be seen on many beaches

Do it like the locals and join the game!

Hallo everyone, bok svima! Would you like to stay active during your holiday in one of our villas with pool at the seaside? Do you like outdoor sports activities on the beach, which are fun? What do you think of outdoor sports activities in which there are no opposing teams, no keeping score, and, still, it is a team sport? I have a suggestion for you! While you were on the beach, maybe you noticed women and men standing in shallow water in a circle and playing with a small ball? If you were wondering what they are doing and why it seems they have so much fun, continue reading this and learn something new: this is a traditional ball game called picigin.

Ball game picigin has traditionally been played in Split, but nowadays it is played along the Croatian seaside. Well known place for playing picigin in Istria is beach in Medulin. There is no strict number of players, but it is usually played by 5 players. Picigin is played with a small ball. Usually this is a pealed tennis ball. Players gather around in a circle in shallow water. The aim is not to catch the ball, but to hit the ball with the palm of the hand of each player. By bouncing the ball, the players have to keep it in the air so that it does not fall into the water. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? :)

Sun and the word „Croatia“ written in the sand and decorated with shells

Although these are some of the basics that are to be respected, the main rule is that there are no rules for playing picigin. Since the aim is to keep the ball in the air for as long as it is possible, sometimes you can see players jumping or throwing themselves into the water in order to save the ball, while other players are screaming and laughing. This is why it is played on a sandy beach, so that the players don’t get hurt. You can see children, families, friends, young and elderly people playing picigin. Although technical skills are quite important, in this game there are no winners or losers. For this reason this is a great outdoor sports activity if you are not competitive. Picigin can be played for as long as you or your playmates don’t get tired. It really sound’s great, doesn’t it? :) It is recommended to put sun lotion on before the game!

Picigin has also become a Croatian protected cultural good and a non-material heritage. So try it out while staying in one of our beautiful villas with pool in Dalmatia or villas with pool in Pula! Until next time – bok! :)

Nikolina Mladic


 photo by: Lara Vujica

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