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Pag Lace - “The White Gold" of Croatian heritage - visit an amazing festival

Pag Lace - “The White Gold

Handmade cultural heritage - Pag Lace

The Croatian island of Pag is known for many things, from Pag cheese, the famous Pag salt factory, numerous summer festivals. Pag lace is just one of the treasures of this modest island and it certainly deserves every admiration. Pag lace is the type of lace that is sewn on this island, and is characterised by the exceptional beauty of patterns, quality and method of old traditional production. This "white gold", as the locals call it, is increasingly becoming an object that stands out for its artistic value, and it is not uncommon to see it framed on walls like a painting, in many households in this region. The International Pag Lace Festival is held in June. The city of Pag invites everyone interested to travel through time and see the finest handicrafts made by women.

The Pag lace is the pride and joy of the city of Pag, a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and a cultural asset of Croatia. It is also known as lace that carries the spirit of the Renaissance, luxury and the only lace whose techniques of sewing are transmitted from mother to daughter.


The Pag lace began to be sewn 600 years ago for church attire. Benedictine Sisters from the Monastery of St. Margaritas were the main initiators of lacemaking and lace schools. Today, this monastery houses a collection of more than 120 lace exhibits, which Benedictine nuns have been collecting for more than 150 years. All these specimens and many others, visitors will be able to see during the 3 day duration of the festival, in several different locations, such as the monastery of St. Marguerite, the Church of the Assumption of Mary, the Church of St. George, the Rector's Palace, the Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Mary.

The Pag lace is an artistic expression of the soul of many Pag women. In times when women didn’t work, they had to find ways to do something unique in their spare time. They found their femininity and sense of detail in lacemaking, through needle and thread, where they were free to express their sophistication. They spent their free time sitting and making lace in the streets of Pag.


Visitors can enjoy the Fair of island products, tournaments in brisket (Italian card game) and “tombola”. Take a walk through the history of the streets of Pag during the program, which shows the way of life that has long disappeared in this city. Festival participants will be ceremoniously dressed in clothes worn by their ancestors a 100 years ago, women will sew lace under lamps and on the streets, and men will play tress on the street, raffle will be played, wine will be poured and the whole street will live like before. During the three days of the rich and interesting program of the Festival, visitors can enjoy workshops, exhibitions and concerts.

During the three days of the festival, lace exhibitions will be set up at several locations in the town of Pag. The program includes workshops of Pag and Idrija laces, where you can learn how to handle the white thread. Visitors will be able to see how people used to live in the town of Pag during the old times. Local klapa with beautiful klapa songs will provide additional entertainment.

Pag lace is certainly one of the most valuable souvenirs of the city of Pag. If you are not familiar with the Pag “white gold”, it is definitely time to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful and valuable lace. The exhibitions in the city of Pag are visited by thousands of tourists every summer, while the exhibits from the gallery are displayed at various world events, winning numerous awards.

Therefore, if you want to get to know a trace of Croatian heritage, then be sure to visit the Pag Lace Festival, where local Pag women will teach you this wise, but at the same time elegant weaving of these beautiful Pag ornaments.

Kristina Nikesic

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