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New trends in tourism - Croatia is becoming a modern tourist destination

New trends in tourism - Croatia is becoming a modern tourist destination

News of Croatian tourism

Over the years, Croatia has gained a reputation as a popular tourist destination thanks to its excellent cuisine, Mediterranean climate, beautiful Adriatic coast and historical importance. However, the needs and wishes of guests are constantly changing, and for new generations of visitors, a beautiful coast and good food are no longer enough to make them decide to visit Croatia. The market has recognised the need to introduce novelties and adapt the tourist offer to the tourist demand. Find out in the following paragraphs in which segments Croatian tourism is becoming a strong rival to the world's modern tourist hotspots.

In order for guests from European countries to easily and quickly reach the most beautiful destinations of this country, a carefree journey and easy access are important. Croatia is supposed to enter the Schengen area soon and thereby reduce the unbearable crowds at the borders. Our country can also boast of an expanding number of flight links that connect significant tourist cities like Split and Dubrovnik with the rest of the world, allowing travellers from faraway countries to visit. Furthermore, the visa approval procedure is being simplified and eased, and more and more eco-friendly travel options are being offered.


In recent years, environmental protection and the factor of sustainability have become significant factors in our customers' vacation planning. Because service providers have recognized the importance of this section for our guests, sustainability and an ecological approach are becoming more widespread in Croatia. Croatian tourism promotes the development of sustainable tourism through the following practices: hotel and restaurant partnership with local family farmers, as well as a zero-waste policy. Activities that reduce environmental pollution are encouraged, such as sightseeing by bicycle rather than car. Sorting rubbish in public and accommodations has been a common practice, as has the offer of plastic-free residences. Croatian tourism also supports rational use, or energy conservation, in all sectors of the industry.

The emergence of new tourism trends is the result of visitor generation shift. We encounter new tourists, the so-called "young generation Z," whose motivations and travel expectations differ from those of other "traditional" visitors. Young generations were born with the technology they use every day, so they have easier access to information than ever before. Before deciding to travel, guests of this calibre try to gather all of the essential information about the desired destination, and even "explore" cities through virtual walks. And, when it comes to making decisions, the use of mobile devices is critical: customers are increasingly making reservations using their smart devices, requesting assistance from virtual assistants, and paying through bank applications. In short, this type of visitor carefully plans their trips and is well-informed in all aspects of their stay in Croatia - but digitally.


From tiny property owners to large hotel chains, participants in the tourism industry have realized the importance of digitalization and expanding their brand portfolio through multimedia. As a result, branding is applied to accommodation units, virtual tours are provided to guests, reservation procedures are simplified and sped up, and social media presence and relevance are required in order to avoid customers having any doubts about the accommodation's validity. Everywhere they're electronically present, visitors want accurate and up-to-date information, so Croatia as a tourist destination makes a big effort to provide the complete digital "guest journey.” It should also be highlighted that digitalization in tourism benefits both customers and service providers because it makes customer communication easier and enables to identify customers as "repeat guests" and establish long-term relationships with them.

Croatia's tourist offer is not monotonous and guests have the opportunity to choose the style of accommodation and service that suits them best. It is important to note that the "ideal type of vacation" for the new modern tourist is not only a stay in a rented accommodation unit. Guests are constantly looking for various activities to enrich their vacation. All kinds of classic and adrenaline sports, exploration of untouched nature and other interesting activities are wanted. All in order to offer guests the most attractive way to get to know the destination. Croatia has been promoting new types of tourism in recent years. such as rural and mountain tourism, with which the tourism industry wants to raise it to the level of year-round tourism, suppress "mass tourism" and promote trips outside the main tourist season.


We use a holiday in a villa with a pool in Croatia as a great example of the kind of accommodation facility where modern trends in tourism can be seen. Villas with swimming pools have a significant advantage when it comes to the initial research and information phase regarding a certain accommodation unit because Croatian villas are usually marketed on trusted and reliable platforms such as travel agencies. You can research the villa or its location independently or online, but you can also get in touch with one of the available booking agents. The reservation systems are efficient, and straightforward, and provide guests with the option of paying for their stay online and receiving automatic receipts. We're talking about a full online presence, data accuracy, up-to-dateness, and great sufficient customer support.

Furthermore, this type of accommodation is an attractive solution for the target group of so-called "digital nomads" who, by reserving a villa, can combine their free time with business obligations and at the same time explore a foreign country - a concept called bleisure travel. And finally, the villas, whose offers are increasingly diverse, more and more often have the characteristics of promoting sustainable tourism with installed solar panels, charging stations for electric cars, domestic products from their own eco-gardens, a waste sorting system and economical use of energy sources.


The wishes of tourists change, as do their needs and expectations. Croatia recognized this transition and began to adapt its offer and provide guests with the best vacation in this beautiful country. You too can get the best out of Croatia if you book a holiday villa in Croatia for yourself and your loved ones. See for yourself how much the Croatian tourist scene follows trends and spend an unforgettable vacation!

Anna Loncar

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