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Mount Klek - the legend of the sleeping giant near the town of Ogulin

Mount Klek - the legend of the sleeping giant near the town of Ogulin

Klek mountain - the legend of the giant who fell asleep in a centuries-long dream

Klek is a 1,182 m high mountain with a rocky peak in the south of Gorski Kotar above the town of Ogulin. It is covered with an idyllic forest mantle from the bottom to the top and no matter from which direction you approach the mountain, it shows a different shape.
The view resembles a stone head with a silhouette of a man in a reclining position with his legs slightly bent and his feet raised. The head is represented by a 200 m high vertical rock. The rocks called Klecice represent the feet. The unmistakable appearance of its peak stimulates the imagination like no other peak in Croatia! From the top you have a fantastic view of Bjelolasica, Risnjak, Ogulin and the Sabljaci lakes. On nice days you can even see the Alps.

Although it is not one of the highest Croatian mountains, it seems inaccessible due to its rocky limestone peaks that make it seem higher. The peak was the first school of Croatian alpinists, where a number of climbing championships were held. That is why Klek is also called the cradle of Croatian mountaineering.


The mountain has attracted travellers and explorers for centuries. The first known mountaineer is the French naturalist and explorer, Baltasar Haquet, who in his book from 1782, mentioned rare plants that were apparently found on the mountain. Even King Frederick August II, also an amateur botanist, accompanied by the officer of Ogulin, Josip Jelacic, climbed the mountain.
Even famous Croatian writers August Senoa, Ante Kovacic, A. G. Matos and Ivana Brlic Mazuranic wrote about Klek. It is the most important subject of the painter Vladimir Varlaj.

Legend has it, that Klek was one of the old Slavic gods who fell in love with the wife of Perun. He began to pursue him while Klek tried to escape, but he became more and more tired. Perun caught up with him and shot him in the leg with an arrow, so that out of fatigue, pain and fear he fell down and froze, exactly on the spot of today's mountain.
Hence the figure of Klek with his head and feet raised and a river of blood flowing from Klek's legs.


Another legend says that Mount Klek was formed long ago when gods and giants lived on earth. The gods kept food and drink only for themselves. This caused discontent among the giants. The giant Klek went to war with the god Volos. The god had the ability to petrify anything he wanted with a magic sword. At the spot where Mount Klek extends today, the god Volos petrified the giant Klek.

Before he was petrified, he swore that one day he would wake up and take revenge. Ancestors believed that the river Dobra, which flows at the foot of the mountain, flowed from Klek's veins, while on stormy nights witches gather to wake the giant from the centuries-long dream. Who knows, maybe one day they will succeed...?

Take the opportunity while enjoying your family holiday in one of our villas with pool in the beautiful Kvarner Bay and spend the day in nature. Have we waken up your interest? Maybe you will discover your love for hiking and climb to the top of Klek.

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