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Meet the breathtaking bay of Zavratnica and explore Kvarner like a local!

Meet the breathtaking bay of Zavratnica and explore Kvarner like a local!

Let´s discover the hidden treasures of Kvarner bay together!

If you consider spending your next holiday in Croatia, you should think of the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea also named Kvarner. The Kvarner region offers culture, nature, history, gastronomy and adventure, which comprise a complete and full holiday offer.

The Vinodol municipality consists of several little towns which are famous for their cultural and natural heritage. If you want to spend an active holiday, you can do a bike trip from Crikvenica, through the woods, to the town of Bribir.

The old town is famous for the fortress, which was built by the Frankopan family, and for St. Peters and Pauls church. After the bike ride and the sightseeing tour, you can rest in one of the local “Konobas” which offer game dishes (wild animal - deer, wild boar ..) and gnocchi, and you should definitely try Zlahtina, a white wine that is produced on the island of Krk. After the lush meal and the bike tour, you can enjoy a tasty ice cream on one of the terraces with sea view, back in Crikvenica.

For those guests which like relaxing by the pool, but are also open for other ways to clear their mind, Tribalj is the perfect location. To reach Tribalj you need a 10 minute car ride from Crikvenica, Bribir or Selce. In the small town there is a big lake, full of carps, eels, catfish and other types of fish, where you can spend the day fishing for only 120 kuna.

Around the lake there is a promenade from which there is a magnificent view on the old town of Drivenik, which you can also reach by car. If you decide to take a walk, you will see beehives, and if you like honey, you should buy honey that is produced by local families. Back in your villa, you can grill the fish you caught. The honey you can enjoy during the winter, which will bring you back to those sunny summer days.


A day trip to Zavratnica bay :)

Sun and sea fans that are ready to discover new places, should pick a day and drive to the little town of Jablanac. The town hides a treasure, but it will be revealed only by the end of the day trip..
To use the day fully, you should start the trip earlier in the morning. The car ride along the coast which connects the small towns, is a magnificent experience by itself. On one side there are rocks followed by thick forest, on the other there is the blue sea with view on the second largest island in Croatia, the island of Krk.

The town named Klenovica, famous for its fish dishes, is the first stop during the trip. The local fishermen catch the fish during the night, and sell it to the few restaurants in Klenovica, which guarantees that the food is fresh and local.

After a healthy and good meal, the ride continues to the town of Lukovo. On the way to Lukovo, you pass the town of Senj, that is famous for the Bura wind and the fortress Nehaj, which was built to protect the territory from the Habsburg monarchy and Venice.

To reach Lukovo you have to leave the main road, and drive along a tight road till you get to the town. Once you reached the town, you should go to the beach right away. The beach surrounded by forest, offers a relaxing place to take a little nap after the ride and the meal, or you can go swimming in the clear sea, with view on the island of Goli otok. A fun fact is that Goli otok was a prison 65 years ago.

After the beach and swim break, follow the main road and finally reach the town of Jablanac. You can park the car in the center and search for the path which leads you to Zavratnica bay. The path was built in 1930. and it is 2,3 km long. It leads through a tunnel, after which there is a stunning view that guarantees great pictures. You continue that walk along the path, and come to a small cottage where you pay around 4 Euro entrance, but it is worth it! Crystal clear blue and green seawater, leads you to jump, swim and dive in the bay.

There is also a submerged LF 126 navy boat, from World War II in the bay. For those who enjoy wreck diving, this will be a great gift that can not be forgotten.


Around the bay there are lots of benches where you can sunbathe and relax. The diverse nature in the bay houses 100 sheltered plant species, which provide the bay with a fresh smell. Now it is the right time to relax and just enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

After all the impressions are collected you have just one more stop, before you make your way back to the villa. On the way back cca. 1,5 km away from the bay there is a point from which there is a stunning view down to the Zavratnica bay, also called the Croatian Fjord. Take your time and enjoy the beauty which is in front of you!


The connection between the sea, the sun, the nature, the culture and gastronomy which the Kvarner region offers, will lead you to book one of our villas with pool and enjoy the holiday on the northern Adria coast!

Petra Stazic

+385 1 222 70 50