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Make your dive come true with DiveLux

Make your dive come true with DiveLux

Want to experience the underwater world? Meet DiveLux!

“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.”
​​​​​​​​Jacques Yves Cousteau

Cousteau was right, under the surface you are free and this mesmerising freedom is called levitation. Diving is not just an ordinary activity but it takes you to a completely different world, filled with magic that you have never seen before. Being surrounded by clear and blue water/sea, it takes you into a space full of tranquility and peace.

Diving in Croatia

Croatia is becoming one of the most famous diving locations in the world, because of its rich history that is hidden beneath the sea and endemic species that can be found only in our sea. Wrecks, that Croatia abounds with, are the most popular diving locations because of easy access and great depth. Istria is the perfect choice for fun divers (those who can dive to wrecks up to 40m depth) and the southern part of Croatia is more suitable for technical divers (those who can dive to wrecks of more than 40m depth). The most popular wrecks in Croatia are definitely the majestic wrecks of Baron Gautsch and Hans Schmidt(max. 40m depth) on the western coast of Istria, close to the town of Rovinj and Porec. The Wreck Szent Istvan (technical divers – 40+ m depth), in the middle part of the Adriatic Sea between the island of Cres and the town of Zadar. The plane wreck Boeing B-17 (tech diving) in the Dalmatian part of Croatia, close to the islands of Vis, Hvar, Brac and in front of the town of Split. There are so many popular diving locations in Croatia, to know more about them, visit DiveLux.

Never dived before?

You have never dived before but you want to experience the underwater world? In our diving centres you can always make a “Try dive” in which you make a dive of 20-30 minutes on the depth of up to 7 meters with an instructor by your side. Our bilingual instructors will explain you the basics of scuba diving, like, how to breath underwater, how to equalize the pressure in your ears, how to clean your mask and the last but not the least how to enjoy your first dive to the fullest! With a Try dive you can experience how scuba diving looks and feels like, you will discover a part of the underwater world under the surface of the sea, at some of the most amazing beaches on the Croatian coast and get a chance to see if you want to join a diving family.

Our service to divers in Croatia

DiveLux is a diving travel agency specialised for the Croatian area. Is not easy to find perfect diving locations and accommodation to make your vacation amazing from the start until the end, and this is why DiveLux is here. Do you want to make a try dive? Or learn how to dive and make a first license? You want a wreck, cave, reef, night, shallow or deep dive? Fun or technical dive? Need nitrox, trimix or equipment? Accommodation for 4, 6, 8 or even 20+ people? Every diver has different experiences, needs and wishes and with these pieces of information, DiveLux will provide the best choice for their customers. There are so many options, so let DiveLux know what you need. It happens that some members of the family are not divers, and the non-diver part wants to relax, as well. For these cases we have gorgeous accommodation where non-divers can enjoy to the fullest and relax their own way. My Istria is specialised in providing villas with pools all along the Croatian coast and it is always possible to find the perfect one for you. Villas in Istria, Kvarner or Dalmatia? Where do you want to stay and dive? You have your favourite city like Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Zadar or Split? Tell us your preferences so that DiveLux and My Istria can make your wish come true!

Our webpage

On www.dive-lux.com you can find all the information you need about diving in Croatia. If you want to know more about diving locations, species which adorn the Adriatic Sea, how to become a diver, how to make just a “Try dive” or how much all costs your answers are on the site. With all that you can find amazing articles to read about all interesting things in Croatia. In short, on the site is always something to read and learn so you will never get bored.

Our story

Love and passion for diving started a new love story years ago, on a perfectly sunny day on the roof of a boat, while two young people were talking about an amazing dive they just had. The deal was done, they will be buddies on all dives. Together they discovered new diving spots, new places and admired species that were swimming around them. A year later, they were dreaming about how to show Croatian underwater magic to the world and make the perfect diving vacation that every diver wishes for. The desire was to keep the vacation unforgettable from start to the finish, combined with diving, accommodation and the full experience of Croatian beauties under and above the surface.
After many hours, weeks and months “DiveLux” was born, as an agency developed by a young couple with unlimited love for their passion – diving! DiveLux became a small family business that is committed to make diving vacation in Croatia unforgettable and unique. They are in cooperation with many diving centres along the Croatian coast to provide the best dives, as well as with the agency My Istria to provide the best accommodation. In short, DiveLux is here to make the work done for our customers. The lively and young DiveLux team is always available for questions that clients have, and they are more than happy to be at your disposal.

Antonela Laganis

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