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Kazun - experience a piece of Mediterranean history on the Istrian slopes

Kazun - experience a piece of Mediterranean history on the Istrian slopes

Experience history and visit Istrian stone houses - kazuni

If you are planning your vacation in one of our Istrian villas, an indispensable part of your stay in Istria is a visit to the local sights and attractions of the region. Something that is definitely worth a visit are the so-called "kazuni". If you are wondering what “kazuni” are and where to find them, read this text.

Stone houses are part of the Istrian architecture, but "kazuni" are something very special. “Kazuni” are native Mediterranean round houses with conical roofs. Besides in Istria, they can also be found in other coastal areas of Croatia and other Mediterranean countries.

The main feature of these stone houses is a special construction technique made of dry stone. It is important to mention that only stone was used in the construction, which makes this structure really unique.
The oldest “kazuni” date far back in history and were used for keeping cattle and storing tools, but also for protection against storms. They were particularly useful for shepherds, so it is not surprising that today we can still find them on the Istrian pastures.


In the past there were about 10000 to 20000 of them in Istria, but today there are only 2000 to 3000 of them, which makes them an even more special part of Croatian history. Although “kazuni” are usually tiny houses that are too small for people, some stand out by their appearance. The largest Istrian "kazun" has a diameter of 4.5 meters and a height of over 4 meters. In the village of Batvaci a “kazun” was found with an opening on the roof and a fireplace, which means that it was even used as living space during agricultural work.

If we managed to get your attention when it comes to this unique piece of history, you will be delighted when we tell you that while in Istria, you also have the opportunity to visit the Kazun Park in the town of Vodnjan. The park was created to bring visitors closer to the heritage of Istria. In the city of Vodnjan every year in May there are organised lectures on "kazuni", and you even have the opportunity to build a "kazun" yourself. Interesting, right?


If you decide to go on a tour around Vodnjan, we definitely recommend taking the bike path between Bale and Vodnjan. Along the road there is an unforgettable view of dry-stone walls and olive groves. Since each property usually has its own "kazun", you will come across a variety of these fascinating stone crafts on this tour.

Today the "kazun" is a symbol of Istria. Therefore, you can buy your own copy of this tiny stone house in every souvenir shop in Istria.

Martina Pozgajec

+385 1 222 70 50