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Istria hosts both small and large film festivals - visit at least one!

Istria hosts both small and large film festivals - visit at least one!

Film festivals in Istria under the stars

Istria has many film festivals and each one of them is special in its own way.
First, we would like to present you the oldest, «Pula Film Festival» that exists for 65 years. The next edition will take 14 – 22.07.2018. and you can't wish for a better place to watch movies. Surrounded by gigantic stones full of history in a more than two thousand years old amphitheater. Like the festival production says «movies under the stars». On «Pula film festival» you can see the world premieres of the greatest movie hits that are in competition for the prestige price called «The golden Arena». On the opening evening, the amphitheater is surrounded by a red carpet, lights, journalists, actors, directors etc., and to fulfill the evening, the production organizes a mesmerizing firework over the historical architecture. «Pula film festival» was visited by big names like Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, John Malkovich, Ben Kingsley and many more

Person stretching out on the green grass under the clear sky and enjoy the movie

In the northern part of Istria is another festival, the «Motovun film festival». This one takes place on the hill of the little medieval town Motovun. At first, you'll be amused by the beauty of this little town, after that with the simplicity of the event. This festival is oriented towards films created in small and independent productions all over the world. In those five days, you can see more than hundred great movies from different countries, cultures, and in different languages. The next edition will take place from the 24.-28.07.2018.. Take your comfortable summer clothes and be a part of a festival in which you can choose 6 locations inside the great walls of Motovun. 

And in the end, for those who like documentary movies, there is «Porec Dox film festival». It takes place in Porec on the west coast. The festival is located in a majestic theater built in 1887. just near by the sea in the center of the town. A grand staircase in front of the building will invite you to attend the projections of the best international documentary movies. The whole festival is followed by exhibitions, workshops, round tables and more. The next edition of the festival is taking place in November in 2018. and is waiting for you with new movies.

So, dear film lovers choose your festival in our beautiful country that is filled with wide history. Maybe you will get inspiration to make a movie on your own.

Antonela Laganis

+385 1 222 70 50