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Islands of the Zadar archipelago - fairytale natural and cultural beauties

Islands of the Zadar archipelago - fairytale natural and cultural beauties

Sail and enjoy the Zadar Archipelago

If you are heading to Zadar to one of our sensational villas, you definitely have to visit some of the islands that we will list in this article. The Zadar archipelago consists of a hundred islands and islets and has crystal clear sea and a unique landscape with many hidden coves that can only be reached by boat. Since several islets are uninhabited, the Zadar archipelago is one of the most desirable places in Croatia to be discovered by boat. With a heavy heart, we will single out only 4 of them because each is beautiful in its own way. So let's go :)

Dugi Otok, with its length of 45 km, is the longest island in the Zadar archipelago and the 7th largest in Croatia. Dugi Otok has as many as 12 settlements and due to its indented coast it has many beaches with beautiful and clear sea. Although it has only 2000 inhabitants, it enables a carefree & peaceful summer vacation away from everyday life in the heart of the tourist season.


If you want to refresh yourself on hot summer days, we definitely recommend Sakarun beach, which is located on the northwest coast of Dugi Otok. It gained its fame by the purity of the sea and the whiteness of the sand and is rated as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. This beach is ideal for families with small children, since the sea is quite shallow and children can play carefree and build sand towers while parents enjoy the sun.

The island of Iz is located between Ugljan and Dugi Otok. The only two settlements on the island are Veli Iz and Mali Iz, located by the sea. What is interesting about this island and which in a way makes it stand out from the others, is its tradition of pottery, which is still cherished today, creating a unique souvenir - Iski lopiz. It is a clay vessel in which olive oil and other products can be stored.

In the old town of Veli Iz, be sure to visit the restored church of Sv. Peter and Paul from the 14th century and study the ethnographic collection in which numerous examples of authentic Iz ceramics and tools of traditional pottery are kept. In Veli Iz there is also a castle that was built in the Romanesque style and was converted into a school in the 19th century.


In Mali Iz you can visit a small circular church from the 11th century. Near the church there is a fortress of former owners of the island and Zadar nobles.
The island of Iz is ideal for those who want a peaceful vacation but also for those who like recreation and sports. Namely, along the entire island there are numerous hiking and biking trails as well as various tennis courts. Enjoy the highest hill of the island, conquering Korisnjal and enjoy the view of the surroundings.

For the island of Silba, the locals say it is an island of endless stories and memories. The most prominent landmark of the island of Silba is Toreta. It is a hexagonal tower with an external spiral staircase. It is very specific because Captain Petar Marinic had it built as a memory of unrequited love. A must-see destination that is definitely worth a visit is the underwater archeological site of ancient sarcophagi in the Pocukmarak bay. As the tombs are very well preserved, they can still be seen under the sea. If you want to see a beautiful panoramic view of the neighbouring islands, be sure to visit Varh since it is the highest point on the island with its 83 meters. It is easiest to approach it from the south side, from the nearby bay of Papranica. If you are an art lover, you should not miss to visit the gallery of the sculptor Marija Ujevic Galetovic as well as some of the many cultural events at the Silbenik Cultural Summer.


The island of Vir is also one of the islands and islets of the Zadar archipelago. Since the coast is indented, it offers numerous sandy, pebble and rocky beaches. If you are an adventurer and you are looking for adrenaline, in addition to swimming, this island also offers surfing, sailing, jet skiing and other water sports. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you can climb to the top of Bandira and admire the beautiful panorama that shows the whole of Vir and the nearby islands. If you are a fan of only sandy beaches, be sure to visit the beautiful wooded island of Skoljic, which is located near the bridge that connects the island of Vir with the mainland. Vir is one of the most ideal starting points for many excursions to the surrounding national parks: Kornati, Krka Waterfalls, Plitvice Lakes and Paklenica. Since Vir offers so many possibilities, it is definitely worth visiting!

We hope that you have found yourself in one of these 4 islands / islets and that you will replace your hectic everyday life with a peaceful family vacation in one of these beautiful places mentioned above. Be sure to take a look at our spectacular offer of villas in the Zadar County and start planning your dream vacation!

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