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Ideas for reading on vacation - switch off and immerse yourself into other worlds

Ideas for reading on vacation - switch off and immerse yourself into other worlds

Our book tips!

They existed in the past and still exist today: many excellent Croatian writers. Unfortunately, far too few of the excellent novels have been translated into English so far.

Since you are about to go on vacation, we have selected a few good titles that are great for relaxing while lying by the pool of one of our amazing villas and enjoying the sunshine.

Before we give you a few good tips for your holiday reading, we have to mention two classics:

Do you still remember "The Outsiders of Uskoken Castle"? In this great novel, Kurt Held has been telling the story of orphans from the Croatian coastal town of Senj since 1941. He actually met his protagonist Zora in 1940 during his vacation in Yugoslavia and recorded her story in his first book for young people. A group of destitute children were rejected by society and struggled with theft and property damage. As the situation escalates, it depends on a few whether the children end up in prison or get another chance. In the end, will they be accepted by the city and integrated into society? Find out and read this exciting book again with your children while you enjoy hours together by the pool of one of our villas in Dalmatia.

Another book that is absolutely worth mentioning is “Mathias Sandorf” by Jules Verne. This adventure novel from 1885 is about espionage and conspiracy. The story begins in Trieste and then takes place mainly in Pazin and on the Lim Channel near Rovinj. Many of the places that are described in the novel are immediately recognisable once you have been there.

If you have booked one of our villas in Istria, with Pazin and Rovinj nearby, then grab this classic and go looking for a venue: Discover Pazin Castle, in whose prison Count Sandorf, Professor Bathory and Count Szathmary ended up and take a look into the deep gorge, whose underground river to the Lim Channel near Rovinj served as an escape route for the three ...


But let´s come to the not less important contemporary writers ...

If you want to experience some great crime stories in Croatia and get to know the country and its people, you can't go wrong with the novels by Ranka Nikolic. "Murder with a Sea View", "Murder in the Olive Grove" and "Murder in the Sea of ​​Rocks" are great holiday thrillers that take place in Rijeka and on the island of Krk, which is related to the fact that the author originally comes from Rijeka. Excitingly told, sometimes almost cheerful and carefree, these 3 parts about investigator Sandra Horvat offer ideal holiday reading for two weeks in one of our villas with a pool in Kvarner. Discover Rijeka and the island of Krk from the perspective of a murder investigator.

Zoran Feric (born 1961) now teaches at one of the high schools in Zagreb and in 2015 published his novel "In solitude near the sea". It is a novel about love and the life of young people in the 1970s and 1980s on the island of Rab. It's about boys who seduce tourists, about the Croatian-Serbian relationship and the heavy mood that despite the ease, freedom and informality accompanies such adventures. Very direct and not too picky about the choice of words, this book is something special for everyone who is open to new things and looking for something different to read on vacation.

Some of you will know Miroslav Nemec, born in Zagreb in 1954, from the Tatort series commissioner Ivo Batic. We present him here as a writer. His novel “Croatian Roulette” is about himself. With a good pinch of self-irony and charm, Nemec goes to his old homeland to find out who wants to harm him. Brought into an uncomfortable situation by a chambermaid, photos suddenly appear that shouldn't be made public. When he finds the alleged maid murdered in Rijeka, he himself comes under suspicion. Find out for yourself how the story ends. This book is best read in one of our villas with pool in Kvarner which have a great view of the city of Rijeka. :-)


While you enjoy the sun, sea and hospitality, Jurica Pavicic grants you a glimpse behind this idyllic facade in his novel "Blood and Water". It's about the disappearance of a young girl, 17-year-old Silva, who lived in a small coastal town in Croatia with her family. As a result of the devastating war, the investigation of the case extends over 30 years and affects an entire village. Cleverly constructed, complex, exciting and surprising - a novel that one is reluctant to put down.

“A House in Dalmatia - About Life on an Adriatic Island” by Friederun Pleterski is not a novel, but rather a story of experience, but it is so interesting and exciting that it can also be read as a holiday reading. During your stay in one of our villas with a pool, the thought will surely occur to you at some point: “Oh, if only it were always like that!”. You may even have ideas about emigrating ... This book is a fun guide for those who dream of emigrating to Croatia. Ms. Pleterski did it and made her dream of a house by the sea on the island of Olib come true. Here she tries to prepare you for something that you cannot be prepared for: The mentality and life on a Croatian island. Her refreshing writing style, and lots of wit and charm will inspire you!

And finally something for the heart ...

Sofia Caspari offers you an entertaining and also exciting romance novel with “The Scent of the Deep Blue Sea”, in which the protagonist Pia goes to Croatia after separating from her boyfriend, in order to gain distance. Here on the island of Cres, her grandfather was once very happy and she is hoping to find out more about him. Pia meets the charming winemaker Goran at the same time, whose uncle disappeared in Germany over 50 years ago. Tragic fates, family stories and of course love are the ingredients for the perfect holiday reading!

With “The small pension by the sea” Caspari tells a story about love and family. Single parent Jule urgently needs a break and travels to the island of Krk with her son Johan, whose father Ivan has Croatian roots. There she finds a small guesthouse that - as luck would have it - is run by Ivan's parents. However, they don't know anything about Johan ... If you want to experience an easy-to-read, soulful and yet exciting story taking place in Croatia, this novel is the right one. Experience the island of Krk from the perspective of the protagonist while enjoying the warm rays of the sun and a refreshing drink by the pool in one of our villas in Kvarner!

If you read one of these books at home, then it will certainly arouse the desire for a vacation in Croatia. Do not hesitate and find suitable accommodation through MyIstria - our team will be happy to help you!

Daniela Vuleta

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