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How to successfully handle traffic complications when travelling in Croatia

How to successfully handle traffic complications when travelling in Croatia

Border crossings, traffic jams & crowded airports – a lot of patience needed :)

When you start planning your holidays, you might not like to think about traffic jams at border crossings, possible road works along the way or airport crowds and transfers to your desired destination, because you are looking forward to some sun and relaxation at your villa with pool in Croatia :)
But, as you plan your holiday and journey to your villa, so are many others at the same time – so let’s see how we can help and give some advice on how to prepare yourself for a hopefully smooth journey :)

If you are travelling during the summer months / peak season – do brace yourself with patience & positivity, whether on the road or by air – and try to consider the journey itself already as a start of your holiday :)
It is useful to have your arrival information with you (e-mailed to you before your arrival), with the exact address of your villa, with name & number of your host – this way you can get in touch and receive helpful information about travel routes, let the host know your approximate arrival time, possible delays, transfer options etc.

Although Croatia is a member of the EU since 2013, it is not part of the Schengen Zone. This means that crossing the border also includes checking of your ID’s and/or passports by the officials. Please check in advance if you need a visa for your stay in Croatia. For more information, please click on the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.


Border Crossings, especially during peak tourist seasons or around some public holidays, can understandably be a nightmare and you need to be armed with lots of patience :( However, if you follow regular border crossing updates from HAK (Croatian Automobile Club), you will get current status information & sometimes possible border crossing alternatives. This might make your journey easier and shorter :) Please use the following link to check the information: http://www.hak.hr/en#border-crossings

As the temperatures rise slowly, make sure that you always have enough water in storage for your journey, especially if you travel by car with children and/or pets, as you never know if you might be stuck in traffic somewhere along the way.

Arriving by private car. Once you have booked your holiday villa with pool in Croatia, you will receive the coordinates of the villa location and the address in your Arrival Information e-mail. Once you put the coordinates in your GPS, it will give you possible travel routes to your holiday destination.

Whether you travel to your villa by car or by air (or other public transport), please make sure that you regularly check different available service information web portals (and/ or radio news). We are happy to provide you with some links, where different service information is updated regularly, and alternative options are suggested, if necessary. So, it is good to keep an eye on it! Useful information regarding traffic flow and road conditions can be found on the HAK webpage (Croatian Automobile Club): http://www.hak.hr/en#traffic-flow-and-road-conditions
We can suggest checking this webpage regularly, because new information (on border crossings, roadworks, etc.) are updated regularly. Phone numbers of the traffic services or roadside assistance are also listed on this page.


Arriving by Air. In case you are planning to travel to your Villa with pool in Croatia through one of its airports, here you can see the list of all airports, check its location, up-to-date service & transfer information for each individual airport: http://www.croatianairports.com.

As for Car rental & Transfer information - you don’t have to worry. There are numerous possibilities for car rental or taxi. If in Istria, do not hesitate to contact our trusted partner for car rental, taxi services and pickup from nearby airports.

In case you are wondering how to get around Croatia by public transport, you can find the information on different transportation modes reading our overview of useful information about Croatia.

We hope that some of our travel advice to your holiday destination was somewhat useful, and that you will arrive at your villa with pool happy and ready to enjoy your well deserved dream holiday :)

Natalie Sipak

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