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Head to the smallest Croatian islands and experience a car-free holiday

Head to the smallest Croatian islands and experience a car-free holiday

Immerse yourself in an oasis of calm

Many imagine a dream holiday as a relaxing oasis, surrounded by nature and silence so that they can completely relax from everyday stress. If you decide to spend your vacation on the Adriatic Sea, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe, you will find yourself in a chaotic crowd when visiting larger cities, especially in the summer months. But don't worry, you can find hidden gems even in top destinations. That is why in this text we present a list of the beautiful Croatian islands where access to cars is prohibited.

First of all, we will introduce you to the island of Unije, the westernmost inhabited island in Croatia, which belongs to the town of Mali Losinj. The island is rich in diverse flora and specific vegetation. For this reason, it was proposed as a botanical reserve in the 1990s. The southwestern part of the island is made of paleogenic limestone, where the wind has created a fertile area over the years, called "Unijsko polje”, something particularly rare in the Mediterranean. This island has only 88 inhabitants and is visited by up to 900 tourists in the summer months. Due to the small population, this island is a true oasis of calm and therefore the perfect destination for a family vacation.


The island of Silba, also known as the "Gateway to Dalmatia", is located in the Zadar archipelago. This island has a narrow, elongated shape and is only about 700 m wide in the middle. The only settlement on the island is the town of Silba. This island is named after the Latin name "silva", which means forest. The name itself says that you will enjoy the fairytale nature on this island. Silba is namely the second most forested island in Croatia.

East of Silba is the island of Olib, with an area of 26 km2 and only 140 inhabitants. In the western part of the island is the small town of Olib, where the largest part of the population lives. In other parts of the island you will find untouched nature and many beaches that are particularly popular among tourists, but are also suitable for boaters. If you want to experience the gastronomic offer of the island, you can find several local restaurants and Dalmatian taverns in Olib that offer local fish and meat specialties.


In the middle of the Adriatic, the beautiful island of Susak is located, as part of the Losinj archipelago. This island covers an area of only 3 km2 and consists mostly of sand, which makes it a perfect summer destination. Today only 150 people live on the island, so Susak is an ideal holiday destination if you want to escape the stress of everyday life. And who wouldn't want to relax on the sandy beach of an almost deserted island?

The island of Zlarin is located near the town of Sibenik between the Krka National Park and the Kornati National Park. Since the island of barley 8 km2 is only 2 km away from the mainland, it is connected to the towns of Vodice and Sibenik by a bridge. Zlarin is especially known for its corals. The people of Zlarin have been hunting coral for centuries. Coral hunting is no longer practiced today, but it is still an important part of the island's tradition. So be sure to visit the Coral Museum.


Near Sibenik you can easily reach the island of Prvic with an area of only 2.5 km2. Prvic is actually a natural extension of the island of Zlarin. This island is also known as Faust's Island. It was named after the scientist Faust Vrancic, who spent his childhood on the island and was buried here. In the Middle Ages, this island served as a refuge for noble families fleeing the plague. After that, the population grew until the 20th century when most of them emigrated.

Lopud and Kolocep are two southern Dalmatian islands near Dubrovnik. From the 15th century the island of Lopud was one of the regional centers of the Republic of Dubrovnik and even had its own shipyard. As this area was economically and culturally well developed at the time, there are still numerous churches and monasteries on the island today, and on the highest hill on the island the 16th century Spanish fortress of Sutvrac is located.


Kolocep Island is the southernmost inhabited island in Croatia and one of the few islands with two names. Although the official name is Kolocep, the local population only use the name Kalamota. Since this island was part of the Republic of Dubrovnik, which had a positive effect on the development of the economy, Kolocep had its own shipyard. Fishing and coral hunting were specially developed. At the end of the 16th century, the Turks ravaged the island and imprisoned a large number of residents. Although the Republic of Dubrovnik liberated them, only 150 people live on the island today. So don't miss out on relaxing in these enchanting surroundings!

While staying in one of our villas in Dalmatia, be sure to take a short trip to at least one of these islands. Experience the relaxation and ease of life there. You will not regret it!

Martina Pozgajec

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