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Groznjan - a small city in central Istria where artists feel like home

Groznjan - a small city in central Istria where artists feel like home

Central Istria – the meeting place of art and beautiful landscapes

Located amidst Central Istria, surrounded by incredible landscape full of olive groves and vineyards and blessed with one of the most beautiful views possible, Groznjan is truly the place to go if you are longing for some peace and quiet away from your everyday routine or the hustle and bustle of the city.
As many other towns in Istria, Groznjan is no exception when it comes to the view: feast your eyes on the stunning Mirna valley, the crystal clear Adria, quaint neighboring villages and much more!

The town of Groznjan, which was once known as kastel (castel) has a long history going all the way back to the middle ages.
Thick walls surrounding the town, large stone gates, and tall houses built right next to each other (since there was no room to spare) create a magical atmosphere, that didn´t change much throughout the centuries.

During time, Groznjan was inhabited and ruled by Illyrians, Franks, Germans, Slavs, Italians and many more, who fought for this piece of heaven on earth.
However, Groznjan flourished especially during the Austrian rule as well as during the first couple of decades of the 20th century, when the railway Parenzana connected many Istrian towns, making it easier to trade goods and travel.
The last train passed Parenzana in 1935, after which Mussolini had it dismantled and shipped to Africa.

After Parenzana was cancelled, many of the towns it was connecting never recovered.
Throughout the years the town of Groznjan had less and less inhabitants and was on the verge of extinction, especially after WWII when many of the town’s inhabitants emigrated to Italy.
As one of the attempts to try to save Groznjan from dying, in 1965 it was declared the “Town of Artists”.
And as it turned out, this was an excellent move! The town was suddenly inhabited by all sorts of creative personalities that began to turn Groznjan into the artistic oasis it is today.

Colorful shutters as a symbol of the artistic soul of Groznjan in Istria

Even though most of the year Groznjan is still a peaceful town, during the summer months it offers numerous festivals taking place on the steep stone streets surrounded by colorful houses.
Visit the picturesque town at this time of the year and we guarantee that you will feel like you´re starring in some kind of movie!
In July and August, the town hosts a jazz festival, featuring the best jazz musicians, which attracts many tourists that find themselves in Istria at that time.
There are also many other, smaller music festivals taking place in Groznjan during the warmer months so it´s no wonder that the town was proclaimed the “International Cultural Center of Young Musicians“.
The number of galleries located in Groznjan is somewhere between 30 and 60 – from paintings, sculptures, vintage furniture to all kinds of handmade products including souvenir shops and clothes so there is truly something for everyone.

Stay in one of our villas in Groznjan and the surrounding area and enjoy the magical atmosphere. Try some truffles and locally produced wine, take a look at the art galleries and exhibitions and enjoy the spectacular views!

Marija Kancir

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