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Glagolitic writing in Istria - get to know the paths of antiquity on vacation

Glagolitic writing in Istria - get to know the paths of antiquity on vacation

Learn something about Glagolitic in Istria

Coastal Istria as well as its central parts, are increasingly attracting many tourists. The tourist offer is becoming more attractive and guests are more interested in the rich history and culture of Istria. Get to know it better by walking through the Glagolitic alley.

Glagolitic is an old Slavic writing, developed by brothers Cyril and Methodius. The Glagolitic script was used for numerous church books, city codes, for wall paintings of churches and carved inscriptions in stone slabs. The Glagolitic writers were actually priests who used the Slavic and Glagolitic languages ​​for worship. The Glagolitic Alley is the most important monument erected in honour of Glagolitic writers and Glagolism. It stretches along the road and untouched nature bcetween the towns of Roc and Hum and is 7 km long. This area was the center of Croatian Glagolism in Istria. The alley was designed and built between 1977 and 1985.


There are 11 individual monuments along the alley, 10 of which are made of stone and one of copper. One of the most interesting monuments to mention is the penultimate of the series and consists of three stone blocks that symbolise the old, middle and new ages. The stone blocks are symbols of resistance and the eternal pursuit of freedom and peace. The avenue ends with a copper door at the entrance to the smallest town in the world - Hum.

This series shows the development path and the historical roots of the Glagolitic script among the Croats, but especially in Istria. If you come to this Glagolitic region, we assure you that you are actually in the heart of Istria. We definitely recommend visiting Glagolitic Alley. Experience the story in a different way for a moment and explore the cultural and natural beauty for a whole day. To make things even funnier and more interesting, take this unique opportunity and learn a few letters of the Glagolitic script and write a postcard to your loved ones in this old script.

Breathtaking Istria offers you so many opportunities to enjoy and relax, but also the opportunity to learn a lot.

Jelena Maric

+385 1 222 70 50