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Get to know the Croatian mentality and way of life during your vacation

Get to know the Croatian mentality and way of life during your vacation

Take it easy... ;-)

Beautiful beaches, an idyllic landscape, an interesting history... Croatia offers a lot for a special holiday. If you decide to choose Croatia as your next destination, we would like to tell you more about the Croatian mentality and way of life in the following text.

If you have already visited the land of a 1000 islands, we would like to ask you if you have ever experienced a stressed Croat? No, we haven't either.

The word hurried is a foreign word for people here. No hurry, negative excitement, jostling or anything like that. A good example for this, is shopping in the supermarket. In many countries, weekly shopping resembles a marathon. People push, run and give each other rude looks. In Croatia, the rule is to relax in a way while shopping. When you meet someone you know, you chat and arrange to meet for a coffee. You are allowed to have a short chat with the cashier without earning any comments. At the checkout, older people, people with fewer things and similar are given priority.


It is already known that Croats are passionate coffee drinkers. The day begins calmly with a coffee. When they arrive at work, they first prepare a coffee and only then get into work. As soon as the clock rings for lunch, the break is used to sit down on the terrace of a nearby coffee shop and enjoy a coffee while soaking up the sun, reading the newspaper or catching up on the latest gossip. In some other countries where burnout is part of everyday life, this is not even imaginable. There, the lunch break is often skipped or used to take care of annoying obligations. No time is taken for oneself.


When it comes to business appointments, Croats are rather spontaneous and not entirely reliable. Don't be surprised if an appointment is organised at the last minute or even cancelled. In many cases, appointments are not even timed. Today or maybe tomorrow, let's see...

A quick trip to the grocery store, a walk with the dog and a visit to friends, then there might be some time left for the arranged appointment that is open in terms of time. You will rarely see a personal organiser among Croats.

Stressed in a different way, you will experience Croats, for example, during preparations for festivals, football matches, politics and the like. Here people show that they can get very emotionally involved. Some describe the Croats as very nationalistic. They are a proud nation which values and celebrates their country, music and culture.


Perhaps you will not only bring back unforgettable moments from your holiday, which you spend in one of our villas with pool in Istria, the Kvarner Bay or in Dalmatia, but also something of the mentality and way of life of the Croats! ;)

Valentina Novak

+385 1 222 70 50