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Gastro events in Dalmatia - all the famous Dalmatian delicacies in one place

Gastro events in Dalmatia - all the famous Dalmatian delicacies in one place

Indulge yourself & unleash your taste buds Vol. 2

After already introducing a cross-section of interesting and tasty gastro events in Istria, we´d like to point out a few, of so many, gastro events which are worth a visit during your holiday in one of our villas with pool in Dalmatia.
Even though mostly with strong Mediterranean influences, Dalmatian coastal towns often also have culinary influences from the continental hinterland. Good wine, fish and olive oil outline the Mediterranean gastronomy which dominates in the coastal region, while from the hinterland for example comes one famous delicacy – the Dalmatian prosciutto. This fusion sounds interesting, doesn´t it - why not explore the gastronomic abundance yourself at first hand:

Days of the Mali Ston Oysters / Island of Peljesac (during March)
Tasting of oysters and Peljesac wines will takes place on the shore in Mali Ston during March, when you can enjoy the most recognizable sea aphrodisiac and a glass of top of Peljesac wine.

Tuna, Sushi & Wine festival - Zadar (April
Now already a tradition, the Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival represents a fusion and exchange of experiences of cultural, historic and natural resources of Croatia and Japan, rounded up with a gastronomic experience. It is a presentation of the wine & food offer of the wider region of Zadar, through healthy local foods and products, such as pelagic fish, wine, salt, cheese, olive oil and all other the other benefits of the Adriatic and North Dalmatian region.

Wine - Ecology – Ethnology Gastro Table in Biograd n/m (June)
The manifestation Gastro table is a traditional festival of original food, drinks, souvenirs and folklore that unites continental and coastal Croatia and is an interesting introduction to the main tourist season.

The “sokolijada” in Nin (July)
An international ethno-gastronomic event with an exhibition fair, which has preserved the exclusive gastronomic product of Sokol (pronounced shocol). Sokol is a cured meat product obtained from pork meat. The pork neck is first covered with sea salt for several days, then plunged into boiled red wine and spiced with various spices. The rest is left to the effects of smoke and the bura wind, but also to a recipe whose secrecy is guaranteed by the fact that it is only transmitted by word of mouth, without written traces. The victory at Sokolijada therefore is a matter of prestige, and the competition itself is very interesting and above all delicious for visitors.

Gastro festival – Snail Step - Benkovac (July)
The Gastro Festival with the witty name "Snail Step", represents the place of promotion of snail snacks, emphasizing the original traditional recipes of our region. As part of the event, the Open Croatian Championship in Snail race will be held.

Gastro Festival Benkovac “prisnac” (August)
The Benkovac “prisnac” has long been a lot more than ordinary food. It is a thin kneaded mixture of flour, water and salt, enriched with cottage cheese mixed with cream and eggs.
This autochthonous delicacy from Bukovica and Ravni Kotar in the Dalmatian hinterland, simple and yet delicious, has been preserved for centuries in this area and one of the most recognizable dishes of this region. At this festival, visitors to Benkovac can also get familiarised with other local products of the Benkovac region.

cold cuts,olives,pomegranate,dates,grapes and nuts on trays and boards

Cheese Party in Koln, Island of Pag - (last week of August)
The Cheese Party is a unique festival featuring equally unique types of cheese, whose flavours will invite you to get to know all the specialties of this island of lace, cheese and salt - Pag.

Kinookus in Ston / Dubrovnik (September)
The Kinookus Festival is being held every September in Ston, since ancient times known by its city walls, the saltworks and excellent gastronomic offer. Its surroundings are widely known for shellfish farming, top quality wines and olive oils. The name of the festival “Kino-okus” (cinema-taste) refers to the thematic combination of food and film, and secondarily to the deeper meaning layer - the education and refining of the senses for forgotten flavours, for tastes threatening to disappear, the awakening of the senses for more selected and rare flavours, and ultimately the development of an aesthetic taste for film art.

Festival of Figs, Zadar (September)
The Festival of figs was designed with the intention of placing figs back on the menus of the gastronomic offer, which was lost over time. During the Festival visitors are offered a rich program, numerous workshops and lectures, as well as the figs fair on the Five Wells Square of Zadar.

Good Food Festival – Dubrovnik
Visitors to this festival will be introduced to the presentation of culinary specialties typical for this area, with various additional events. The idea of creating such festivals lies in linking food and drinks, friends, family, as well as getting to know old recipes and groceries and educating visitors about preparing traditional homemade meals. This fusion of the past with the present provides the future of autochthonous products, as well as the long-term communication of Croatia with other countries of the world.

Gastro Get - Split (different times of the year)
Several restaurants and bars in the beautiful north-western part of the Diocletian's Palace in Split joined in an excellent gastro event, with menus specially created for part of the year the event is being held. The Split inhabitants and their guests will enjoy some of almost forgotten dishes, or their contemporary interpretations. The key word of Gastro Get is a tradition, with some almost forgotten or at least neglected foods. In addition to food, restaurants will also hold other events, ranging from raffle to exhibition of handicrafts and artworks.

International prosciutto festival – Drnis
The Drnis prosciutto is the pride of the Drnis region, part of its tradition and lifestyle. Its rich and recognizable taste is the result of unique microclimate with rhythmic changes of the bura wind and the south wind, and the way of processing and smoking it with aromatic wood like spruce. The Prosciutto Festival is a top gastronomic event, which, with a rich offer of prosciutto from different parts of Croatia and abroad, also offers the pleasure of enjoying in autochthonous cheeses, wine and other delicacies.

With these true feasts for your palate, combined with a staying in one of our villas with pool – can your holiday in Croatia get any better?

Natalie Sipak

+385 1 222 70 50