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Explore the beaches in Istria while strolling from Umag to Labin-Rabac

Explore the beaches in Istria while strolling from Umag to Labin-Rabac

A little taste of the abundant Istrian beach experience

Istria is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. As diverse as Istria is as a region, the same reflects also on its beaches. They are made of picturesque coves, bays and capes, with mostly rocky and pebble beaches, but also a few beautiful sandy beaches - inviting you to the autochthonous world of the sea. Many beaches are organised and maintained, but you can also still find many wild ones with an unobtrusive look.

Many of the Istrian beaches are given the Blue Flag* (Plava zastava), as a guarantee of preserved environment, greatest water and beach quality. Whether you are staying in one of our luxury villas close to the coast or further inland, exploring the diversity of the Istrian beaches is relatively easy. Some perhaps by foot or some by car, as Istria´s unique position and shape, enables you to reach each corner relatively quickly.

We are sharing a cross-section of the most beautiful and popular, yet very diverse, beaches in Istria with you, strolling along its coastline, from Umag in the north-west to Labin & Rabac in the south-east. Whether you are looking for a child-friendly, naturist, pet friendly, the ones suitable for water-sports activities, an organised one with amenities, or wild ones in unspoilt nature – I am certain you will find something suitable from our list of suggestions. It is meant to give you just a taste of what the abundance of Istrian beaches have to offer.
The diversity and preserved natural settings of the beaches in Istria are simply a mirror of this enchanting and incredible region.


Beach Sol Polynesia is located only 2 km from the town of Umag, in the settlement Katoro. It is a mixture of pebble, sandy and rocky beach. This is an organised and well maintained beach, suitable for families with children, as well as elderly people, as the entrance to the sea is gradual. This beach has a special feature, in the form of an adapted entrance into the sea, suitable for persons with disabilities.
Because of its cleanness and rich content for tourists, it was awarded the Blue Flag. There are many different amenities available here, such as showers, changing cabins, sun loungers. It is a family place, to spend a whole day at, engaging in different sports activities as volley ball, tennis, mini-golf, badminton etc for those of you who like to be active at the beach :)

Another specific thing about Sol Polynesia is, that part of this beach is reserved for naturists. This part of the beach is separated by a pine forest offering natural shade. Nudism has a long tradition in the Umag area, and for years has already been one of the top holiday spots for those loving the naturists´ way of life.

Novigrad & Porec

Lanterna Beach – a beautiful beach, located on the cape between Novigrad and Porec, is offering something for everyone. While a part of it is a wild rocky area, the other part is equipped with showers and sun loungers, with a pebbles section for the youngest. There are sports amenities, whether you want to rent a jet-ski, surf-board, or play beach volley ball – this beach will not disappoint you. This is a pet-friendly beach and dog lovers will be amazed by the section reserved for their pets :)

City Beach Porec
The city beach stretches along the southern coast from the Marina in Porec to the tourist resort Brulo. Thanks to its clean sea and coast, its rich entertainment and recreational facilities as well as gastronomic service, it is one of the most popular Porec beaches, ideal for all those who want a good all-day entertainment.
Access to the city beach is also available for persons with disabilities. Here you can try out various sports ventures, in the shade of pine trees, while playing beach volleyball or table tennis with your friends and family. Have fun on the beach, and enjoy sunbathing on stone and tiled beach patches, equipped with sun loungers and sun screens.
After a rich sports experience, refresh yourself with some drinks, cocktails, or ice cream in the coastal bistros and caffes close to the beach.

Rocky shore and stone stairs with view to the open sea and the wonderful sundown


In Rovinj and its surroundings, you can find some of the most beautiful beaches on the Istrian peninsula.

Lone Bay Beach & Zlatni rt (Golden cape)
The Lone Cove is part of the protected forest nature park "Zlatni rt" (Golden cape) with one of the most visited beaches in Rovinj. The beach is laid with gravel and attracts many bathers, especially families with children. Apart from the main beach, there are also smaller rocky beaches for all those who enjoy privacy and don't mind a steep entrance to the sea.
A few meters from the shore you can find natural shade under the thick branches of century-old trees, and at the beginning and middle of the bay there are two snack bars where you can always get some refreshments. At the entrance to the Zlatni rt park you can rent boats, pedal boats and wind surf.
The center of Rovinj is just a 15 minute walk to pleasant, green paths where you can expect a lot of fun activities.
This beach offers a unique view on the old city of Rovinj, located on the other side of the bay.
Don't miss to visit this location, if you are staying at one of our beautiful villas in the Rovinj area!

Beach Porton Biondi
Porton Biondi is a concrete and pebble beach with a green lawn as a sunning area. There is no natural shade, but the view of the Old Town core (from the other side) is definitely the most impressive feature of this beach. Looking at Rovinj Old Town while sunbathing or swimming, is definitely a unique experience!
There are several cafés and restaurants on the beach. Sports grounds and water sports are also available, This beach can be crowded at times, but you can always find a spot, even at the peak of the season.
Access to the sea is easy and shallow, so it is very suitable also for smaller children. However, if you plan to spend a longer time at this beach- do not forget to bring a sunshade!

Beach Cuvi - Cove Cuvi is located about 3 km south of the tourist hotspot Rovinj, with one of the most visited beaches in Rovinj. The beach was recently laid with fine gravel, while some parts of it are rocky.
An additional advantage of the Cove Cuvi are several caffe bars along the coast. Thanks to the wide catering offer near the beach, you will be able to dine and have a full day stay at the beach, while indulging in your well-deserved vacation.
The beach is ideal for families with small children who can have fun in the shallows.


Beach San Polo is a beautiful beach located a short drive from the small town of Bale, half way between the towns of Rovinj and Pula. It combines many different preferences and will satisfy diverse needs and expectations. From fine pebbles mixed with sand, to concrete plateaus, suitable from small children to adventurous active youth. There is a free-of-charge small tourist train, offering transportation to the beach, so you do not need to use your car, but can simply relax already on your way to the beach, admiring the beautiful nature and scents of the Adriatic Sea.
There is something for everyone's taste, whether you just simply want to sunbathe and relax at the beach or have an active sports day. There is a restaurant, caffe bar, shop, sanitary node, shower, playground, massages available, sunshades and sun loungers. For movie lovers a special treat – a beach cinema :)

Your children will enjoy the free of charge aqua park in the sea, whereas if you are a diver you can use the diving centre located at the beach, to explore the abundant underwater world. You can hire bicycles and explore the surroundings with your family. If you are on holiday with your dog, you will be glad to know that this beach has a pet-friendly section, where you can enjoy your beach day together :)
As the beach stretches for more than 700m, if you are a naturist, you can also find a spot for yourself here.
To stay in touch with family and friends, there is also a WiFi spot available at this beach.


Koversada Beach - If you are a naturist in search for the perfect beach, it is definitely Koversada, located close to Vrsar. It is not only the largest naturist beach in Croatia, but in all of Europe too!. The beaches here are mostly rocky with concrete plateaus. There are many little coves, where the sea is shallow. Part of the beach is adapted for children. You can rent sun loungers & sun-shades, and there are showers available. If you are spending your holiday with your dog, you will be happy to read that this is a pet-friendly beach, with a separate fenced section. Your perfect beach experience can be rounded up while you are sitting in one of the cocktail-bars or one of the small restaurants, enjoying the sea view and beach atmosphere.


The beautiful beach San Lorenzo is the city beach in the midst of Fazana, located not far from Pula. San Lorenzo is one of the most famous and most visited beaches. It is not surprising, as it is located in the centre, next to the waterfront, and has a special catering offer for all guests. The beach is beautiful, made of small gravel with a gentle entrance into the peaceful sea. The water is usually pleasantly warm, and the summer atmosphere will especially stir up beach umbrellas within bars. The beach is nicely decorated, spacious and well equipped. It is suitable for everyone, and the offer will attract both young and old. When you get bored with swimming and sunbathing, after you dry off, feel free to visit the nearby bar or restaurant. The offer of meals and drinks is top-notch, as well as reasonably priced.
Favourable for families with children, who can the enjoy the children's playground at the beach. Definitely worth a visit and stay :)

a beautiful long flat pebble beach with shady pine wood and blue skies


Havajka Beach – is a fine pebble beach suitable for families with small children, because of its gradual entrance into the inviting turquoise Adriatic Sea. It is situated in the Procipino bay, on the peninsula Verudela close to Pula. Close by, there are high rocks for jumping into the water, which is popular with all those adrenaline zealots! It is popular with younger people as well, who are enjoying the high waves, which created under certain conditions. It might have even gotten its´name due to this :) There is parking available nearby (100 m), and is optimal for for swimming, snorkelling diving, fishing and jumping into the water.

Beach Sveti Ivan – is a spacious mostly fine pebbles beach, situated at Cape Sveti Ivan, close to Pula. It is a popular beach, for it has different amenities. Ranging from a water-park in the sea for kids, to several caffes´ and bistros, from whose terrace you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the cove, with its colourful and clear sea. As it has easy access into the water, it is a mixture of a family beach, and a popular place for youth, due to occasional beach parties organised. It has parking nearby (100 m), and practical amenities as a WC, showers, access for disabled persons, lifeguards. Suitable for swimming, snorkelling and different water sports.

Premantura / Cape Kamenjak

If you are a fan of wild unspoiled beaches without crowds of people, and like adventures - you will be amazed with Cape Kamenjak. This is a protected nature park, in the south of Istria, at the end of the Premantura peninsula, only 10 km from Pula. The indented coast stretches for 30 km and is hiding many picturesque coves and islets. The sea is nowhere as blue-green and as crystal clear as it is in this extreme end of Istria!
A sandy beach with fine pebbles (Guvina Beach), located near the village of Premantura, is suitable for families. Visit Njive beach, one of the beautiful beaches just right for adventurers and families alike. Kolumbarica beach is the most popular, but more suited for adventurers, as the beach is rocky and sea deep at entrance. Besides the beautiful nature, the special feature of this beach is definitely the safari bar, whose walls are made of natural materials. Skoljic beach is located on the eastern side of cape Kamenjak. It stretches for many kilometres, and you can experience total relaxation either on the part with pebbles, rocks, concrete, grass or simply rest in the dens natural shade. Different sport requisites can be rented for those who want to be active.

There are many rocky plateau spots for sunbathing lovers. Cape Kamenjak is also known as a popular diving destination, because of its rich underwater world. This is also a paradise spot for surfers, as it has ideal conditions for this sport. Premantura is one of the few places with a beach for the blind and the visually impaired. It is also suitable for people who need dialysis as there is a private dialysis clinic in the village.


The area around Medulin is known for its beatiful sandy beaches, which are otherwise rare in other parts along the Istrian coast. This area has a beautiful coastline and numerous islets scattered around it and a large choice of beautiful beaches.

Bijeca Beach is the most known and most popular one, stretching over a kilometre along the coast. The beach is sandy with a mild sea entrance, therefore suitable for children and elderly people. The younger ones will be drawn to a beach volleyball game. Loungers and umbrellas can be rented here, and children can slide down the aquagan for hours. Above the beach you can find a place in the pleasant shade of trees, so you can spend all day on the beach of Bijeca.

Beach Pjescana Uvala (Sandy cove) got its name after a beautiful sandy bay near Medulin. There is a marina and a beautiful sandy-padded beach. It is surrounded by thick tree tops which provide shade during the entire day. The beach is ideal for small kids and non-swimmers. A promenade with many bars, high quality restaurants and many tourist facilities spreads along the coast, offering refreshments, while you take a break from swimming and sunbathing.

There is also the favourite beach of the locals, Skrapa, and Medulin beach, as well as lots of other beautiful sandy and fine pebble beaches with crystal clear water.

the aerial view of a land tongue with beach promenade and cristal clear sea


Beach Sveta Marina – is located on a small peninsula, near the village of Sveta Marina. It is very beautiful and spacious, with rocks and hidden pebbly oases. Along the coast of the peninsula there are many hidden places to enjoy, sunbathe and swim. The terrain is varied, so you can find your place on a rock or among other guests on a pebble beach. The sea is extremely clean, the area is very quiet and pleasantly warm. The access to the sea is shallow, especially on pebbly beaches and is suitable for all ages. You will have plenty of fun here, adults and children alike.
This beach has all the necessary amenities, for a complete beach stay. There are showers, restaurants, caffes, a children's playground and even a WiFi spot available, This means you can stay in touch with the important people in your life and share beautiful pics and videos from your dream vacation in Istria :)


Rabac is a famous tourist resort with excellent tourist offer and beautiful pebble beaches. The Maslinica Beach is a 500 m long pebble beach where you can go for a variety of water sports. Because of its quality it was awarded the Blue Flag. It is located in the vicinity of rich Mediterranean woods, which offer natural shade. Part of the beach is intended for persons with disabilities with all accompanying facilities, as well as adapted beach access.

Close to the beach there are numerous catering facilities, sports grounds and water slides that will provide you with a good entertainment.

Girandella – the beautiful white pebbly-concrete beach, awarded with a Blue flag for quality, is located near Rabac, in south-east Istria. From the shade of the pine forest in the background, you can enjoy the view over the Kvarner Bay and the island of Cres. It offers many activities for tourists (children and adults alike) who like to be active. From banana-tube rides, beach volleyball, tennis, jet-ski rental, waterslides, trampoline and a children’s´ amusement park – its diverse possibilities offer interest for young people, elderly as well as families with children. Part of the beach is adapted for persons with disabilities. Parking is available nearby (100 m), also a restaurant, bistro and caffe bar, WC, showers, deckchairs, lifeguards.

If you ask the locals, you will get so many different answers to why a particular beach in Istria is the most beautiful one…

By exploring the hidden coves, islets, rocky, pebble and sandy beaches in Istria, whilst staying in one of our beautiful villas with pool in Istria, you will encompass an unforgettable holiday experience.
Every owner of a villa or host has their own beach to recommend! Feel free to ask them upon your arrival :)

Natalie Sipak

The Blue Flag (Plava zastava) is an international certification for ecology and environment preservation awarded to beaches and marinas. It guarantees preserved environment, the greatest water and beach quality, enjoyable surroundings and high- quality service. Since the certificate is awarded only to locations which comply with the strictly defined criteria and is issued on an annual basis, the Blue Flag really guarantees the actuality of qualities for each awarded beach.

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