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Explore the beaches in Dalmatia and find the one that will take your breath away!

Explore the beaches in Dalmatia and find the one that will take your breath away!

Visit the most beautiful beaches on the Dalmatian coast and find your favourite place under the sun

We are certain that you are looking forward to your vacation in one of our villas with a pool ... a superb house, a fantastic pool and the Croatian sun. What more could you want? We would say the beach and the sea!

Hardly anywhere is the sea clearer and nowhere are the beaches more beautiful than here in Dalmatia. The beauty of the Dalmatian coast is world famous. Not for nothing, as you will soon find out.
Here we show you just a tiny part of what to expect when coming to Dalmatia. Pack your beach bag and follow us to an exploration tour!


Only 20 minutes by car from the city, hidden behind dunes, is the “Sabunike” beach in Privlaka. Located in the bay of Nin, this gently sloping sandy beach guarantees warm sea, ideal for families with children. An ever-blowing light wind reduces summer heat and the surrounding woods offer sufficient shade. This beach is particularly popular with windsurfers in late summer when the wind picks up.



The beach “Velika Raduca” in Primosten, about 30km south of Sibenik, has everything you need. You have a great view of the dreamy little town and you don't want to leave the wonderfully refreshing crystal clear sea. Pine trees provide shade and spread their pleasant scent along the 600-meter pebble beach. Cafes and restaurants are just a few steps away. You could spend the whole day here ... don't you think?


The beach “Kasjuni” could become your new favourite place in the sun. At the foot of the Marjan Forest Park, only 3km from downtown Split, clean sea meets pebbles. In addition to the 900m pebble beach, you can also look for a quiet spot on the rocky part of the coast. But it is also a good idea to take a short walk in the shady wood and discover other hidden bays.


Makarska Riviera

“Punta Rata” in Brela is the celebrity among the beaches. This pebble beach, surrounded by a pine forest, has received multiple international awards and is under nature protection. His trademark is the rock in the sea from which pine trees protrude. Sports activities, gastronomy and wonderful scenery make it so popular with its visitors.
An insider tip is a beach “Sveti Petar” with its lighthouse. Rather rocky and rough, with a few bathing plateaus, the peninsula is just right for those who want their peace and quiet and a little seclusion. Water sports enthusiasts and divers will also love this place!


Peljesac peninsula

Your children will especially like this sandy beach! “Prapratno” is only 3km from the town of Ston. Even in May, the sea is pleasantly warm here, as the 250m long beach is located in a sheltered bay. A pine grove offers sufficient shade. A few sports facilities, food and drinks are also available here.
A little further to the west you will find the beach “Divna” (Croatian: “the wonderful”) near Trpanj. The small pebble beach is ideal if you are looking for some peace and quiet and untouched nature. There is sure to be a shady spot, but you should bring your own drinks and snacks. Far from the hustle and bustle, you will find nothing here but the sea….



The city beach “Banje” in Dubrovnik should be visited at least once. Just because of the wonderful view of the historic old town with its city walls and the old fishing port, this beach magically attracts its visitors. There is also a great range of water sports activities, restaurants and cafes here. In the evening, “Banje” is spectacularly illuminated and becomes a hotspot for all night owls ...


In the very south of Dalmatia, you will find a hidden gem that was named the best European beach in 2019. “Pasjaca” impresses with its fascinating location on a steep rock face. A narrow, sometimes steep path leads along the rock wall to the pebble beach, which is only a few meters wide. If you visit Pasjaca on a windy day, the waves are a lot of fun, on calm days you can simply enjoy the breathtaking turquoise sea.


We hope that this little overview of beaches has awakened your desire for the sea and that you will spend at least one of your vacation days lazily on the beach, which will only be interrupted by one or another jump into the refreshing crystal clear Adriatic sea.

Daniela Vuleta

+385 1 222 70 50