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Explore Nin and its Saltwork, sandy beaches and smallest cathedral in the world

Explore Nin and its Saltwork, sandy beaches and smallest cathedral in the world

Witness an old craft of salt production and enjoy well-preserved nature

Salt is uniquely timeless – it exists since the water and the stone and it will continue to exist long after us.

For centuries, Nin Saltworks gives life. It has nurtured many generations and has given many plants and animals a home. Love for the salt has transferred from generation to generation and the location, combined with the wind (Bora, Croatian Bura Fall Wind) and the sun makes it an ideal place to visit in all seasons.

The whole Saltwork is a magical museum and it is over 1500 years old. The Roman gate and remains of ancient temples, stones and graves from the Illyrian time, the Bora of the Velebit, the medicinal mud, over 280 bird species and antique tools testify about it. At ancient times, salt was exchanged for gold, and it is well known that Roman soldiers were paid with salt. The Roman term for this kind of payment was salarium – it is believed that the term „salary“ originates from that.


Even today the saline still lives and produces at the same way like in the ancient time: picked by hand and with respect. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a nice family trip where everyone can experience something for themselves: the salt path, the museum, the salt house, birdwatching
It covers an area of 55 hectares and in the wider area there are no industrial facilities. The Adriatic sea is one of the cleanest seas in the world. Thanks to that, it is possible to get the highest quality sea salt from it. In addition, the Nin saltwork area is located in the heart of five Croatian national parks (Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica, Kornati, North Velebit and Krka) and you have a choice of where to take your adventurous spirit.

Close by you will find beautiful sandy beaches (sand beach Kraljicina/ Queen's beach and sand beach Zdrijac,) and a healing mud deposit. They are far away from traffic, ideal for recreation, as they are largely spared from mass tourism. Due to the low depth of the sea, the sea temperature is 2 to 3 degrees higher than in the open sea and is, therefore, ideal for children. While you are already visiting one of the most romantic places in Europe - as Nin is affectionately called, please take time to visit the smallest cathedral in the world, the church Sv. Kriz. It was built in the 9th century, with its walls arranged to be used as a gigantic sundial or calendar.


Book a wonderful holiday in one of our villas and let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking nature and extraordinary history, because a holiday should be just that.
Our warmest recommendation.

P.S.Croats have a saying that, if you wish to know someone, you need to eat a bag of salt with him or her (meaning, you need to have hundreds of meals with that person, thus spending a lot of time together). So you know you’re at the right place ;)

Ivana Stanic

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