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Experience wine roads and wine tasting during your holiday in Croatia

Experience wine roads and wine tasting during your holiday in Croatia

An idea for a day trip - visit a wine road!

Grape vine cultivation and winemaking is a centuries-old tradition in Croatia. Both in the continental part of the Croatia and in the coastal region, vineyards are part of the beautiful Croatian landscape. Although winemaking for personal use was a tradition passed down from generation to generation in many families, nowadays many family businesses have adopted modern wine-production methods and have become larger wineries offering quality wine.

And Croatians like to drink wine during delicious meals. ;) So what would it be: white wine (bijelo vino in Croatian), red wine (crno vino in Croatian, literally “black wine”) or rosé? Don’t be surprised if you notice that we mix white wine with sparkling water (gemist) or put still water in red wine (bevanda). Different countries, different customs.

In restaurants, konobas, bars, wineries and agro-tourism establishments you can choose which wine you would like to have. But a real wine tasting is a must during your stay in our villas with pool in Istria, villas with pool in Kvarner and villas with pool in Dalmatia! And the best way is while discovering wine roads in Croatia near our villas with pool! Among the red wines from the Adriatic coast and the islands, the most known ones are Teran, Merlot, Cabernet and Dingac, while from the white ones Malvasia, Posip, Pinot, Zlahtina and Muscat. Many Croatian wines won World Wine Awards, especially those from Istria. Some say that this is due to Istria’s geographical shape which resembles a bunch of grapes. So don’t forget to enjoy a glass or two of white wine Malvasia or red wine Teran. Istrian Malvasia is usually served with seafood dishes and Teran with meat dishes. And while having a dessert, a glass of Muscat is a pleasing refreshment.

In the tourist office or information centre you can ask for a list of wineries and check their working hours. To most of them, especially if you are traveling in a bigger group, you have to announce your visit in advance. Wine tasting also includes welcoming homemade finger food and a small introduction on wine growing, production and short winery tour. And of course, a bottle or 2 of wine, which can be bought there for a favourable price, is a nice souvenir. ;)

So discover the diversity of the charming villages in Croatia, dine in superb konobas, become acquainted with dishes typical for Croatia and taste high quality wines in one of the many wine cellars surrounded by beautiful nature with magnificent views to the vineyards. Or simply enjoy a glass of wine in your villa with pool. Until next time – zivjeli! ;) Bok! :)

Nikolina Mladic

+385 1 222 70 50