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Experience moments you will never forget with the folklore ensemble Lado

Experience moments you will never forget with the folklore ensemble Lado

Learn about the rich culture and tradition of Croatia through dance and song

Croatia, a small country in the heart of the Mediterranean, rich in history, attracts many tourists every year who enjoy the coast, but also the hinterland. Its long history has left many footprints along the Adriatic coast, from numerous Roman cities, medieval churches and cathedrals to modern buildings. In addition to numerous cultural sights, Croatia is rich in intangible heritage, which it proudly presents to the world. The best-known ambassador of cultural heritage is the folklore ensemble Lado, which gives new splendour to Croatia's ancient and traditional customs with its dances and songs.

The ensemble Lado is a national and professional folklore ensemble, founded with the aim of researching and collecting the rich Croatian music and dance tradition. Lado has been active for 71 years, bringing together the best ethnochoreologists and choreographers, ethnomusicologists, folklorists, as well as the best composers and conductors. Thanks to their years of effort, Lado now counts more than a hundred choreographies, vocal and instrumental numbers, with the aim of preserving original and authentic folk art.

The group consists of 38 top dancers who are also excellent singers, while 18 top musicians play no less than 80 traditional instruments. The Lado ensemble has traditional instruments, but also a collection of original costumes that are of exceptional value. All this makes Lado one of the most successful folklore ensembles in the world. Their performances have filled all the major world stages such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Broadway in New York and the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow.


The Lado Ensemble is not only a dance ensemble, but also a vocal choir and an instrumental orchestra, which independently give concerts all over the world. It consists of Ladarice (female part of the ensemble), vocalists (male part of the ensemble) and the Lado Ensemble Orchestra. The legendary female part of the ensemble, called Ladarice, has been active since 1965. All the female singers are also members of the Lado folklore ensemble, but as a singing group they also perform independently. Although many identify the Lado Folklore Ensemble and Ladarice with each other. However, Ladarice was not officially united with the Lado Folklore Ensemble until 2008.

With their lovely voices and unique singing, Ladarice breathed new life into many folk songs. To date, they have recorded numerous arrangements of folk songs, which are often broadcast on radio and television. With their performances and singing, they delight audiences at home and around the world, preserving and transmitting the heritage and tradition of folk art. The male vocal part of the Lado ensemble is called Lado Vocalists, and they perform the musical tradition of the southern part of Croatia. The male choir began its work in 2002, with the aim of introducing the singers to other styles of the Croatian regions. These are different from the previous styles associated with northern continental Croatia.

Today, the singers have mastered the techniques of church folk and klapa singing, which is specific to Dalmatia. The Lado singers perform as part of the Lado Folklore Ensemble and independently at numerous Christmas concerts and during Advent. Some of the most prominent performances are at the UNESCO Palace in Paris and as a welcome programme for Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Croatia. The faithful companion of the folklore ensemble Lado is the orchestra, which consists of 14 musicians. All musicians are multi-instrumentalists who play almost all traditional instruments that exist in the area. The orchestra takes part in all Lado concerts, either as dance and song accompaniment or as an independent instrumental part of the programme. In recent years, the Lado Orchestra has performed numerous solo concerts with different programmes and has released three music albums.

We believe that the best way to get to know Croatian culture and historical heritage is through song and dance. That is why we recommend you to attend one of the many Lado concerts, which are often sold out. Book your accommodation now in one of our beautiful villas with pool and secure your tickets for the evening you will remember for a long time.

Photos: Petra Slobodnjak

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