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eFISHent - Experience the sea and fishing in a sustainable and passionate way

eFISHent - Experience the sea and fishing in a sustainable and passionate way

Try out something new and have fun fishing!

If you love the sea and do not mind some adrenaline, why not add Big Game or other types of fishing to your activities, while spending your dream holiday in one of our great villas with pool in Istria!

eFISHent (i.e. efficient :) is a fishing charter founded in Pazin, Croatia by Nikola Mijandrusic. What makes eFISHent different from other fishing charters, is surely that its Captain and founder is driven by his passion and love for the sea.
His aim is not just business in itself, rather also to convey the beauty of the sea to his clients. He believes that the sea is a cure and that it should be enjoyed and respected. The sea will help you unwind, leave your daily worries behind.


The Captain and his story: 25 years ago, Nikola´s father bought the first boat which changed everything. Soon, he was competing on a national level, first just as a diver (Croatian champion) and later as a spear-fisherman. In 2005, Nikola then bought his first boat and started to fish only with artificial lures, fishing mostly for Sea-bass and Leerfish. In a short time his commitment was recognised by one of the lure companies and he became a full-time company team member.

In the next few years, he traveled to Sweden where he tested the lures on Baltic predators, fishing for big Pike and Salmon, jigging for Cod, and spinning for Sea-trout. At the same time, his Tuna obsession was growing so he was using every single chance to fish for a Bluefin. Finally in 2013 results were showing when he caught and released 19 fish in one single month. After that he was lucky enough to fish with one of the best Tuna fishermen in the Adriatic sea, learn fast and enter the big game even faster by hooking up on 80+ fish in one season.

We suggest you to spend a fishing day on the beautiful waters of the Istrian peninsula. Or choose one of the offered multi-day trips to one of their favourite remote destinations.



Their best-selling trip is Big game fishing, ie tuna fishing during the summer months (the season starts after July 10 until November 1). However, there are also other tours available.

1. Multi-Day trips:

Tuna spinning
If you're up for some serious sport-fishing in the gorgeous waters of Croatia, get ready for a trip right up your alley! This trip is all about the Bluefin and Albacore Tuna.

eFISHENT Multiday
It’s about efficient fishing, that’s why they always fish for the species that are in high season. And this attitude and work ethic is what makes this charter so successful at catching fish. You might be in for the experience of a lifetime!

2. Big Game
The Big Game trip offers an offshore experience while fishing for the biggest predators the Adriatic sea can offer. Although it is possible to fish during the whole day, mostly you'll start early morning when the big fishing boats are bringing their big sardine nets up.

3. Half Day Run
Spend a day on the waters of Istria with Captain Nikola in search of the big fish! Half day trip offers fishing at some of the local reefs and islands. Multiple species can be caught depending on the season and technique they choose to use. Dentex, Mackerel, Sea Bass, Bluefish and more.


All in all “It’s about efficient (i.e eFISHent) fishing". That’s why they always fish for the species that are in high season. You can find more information on which species to fish best in which season on the eFISHent web page: https://www.efishenttours.com ..There you will also find a webshop… a Blog where you can find more information and experiences or simply leave your comments after a great Tour with eFISHent!

You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook..and for some instant fishing action, check out their youtube channel :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC065MgTCu82iJ8IjMGM8CGw?view_as=subscriber

Nikola started his you tube channel in 2014, cause of so many inquiries he received from friends, needing some practical advice on fishing... He now makes these videos on a weekly basis and tries to fulfil the needs of his viewers, record what they are interested in, share some of his tricks… film for instance each segment of fishing, from start to end.


He believes, that this is imperative, if you want to help people and not just promote yourself. The main objective of his you tube channel is, he says, that he wants to make viewers aware of the importance and responsible behaviour towards the sea -  general awareness of marine conservation.

We hope we have woken your interest to discover eFISHent and the Adriatic Sea! If you choose one of our wonderful villas with pool in Istria, checking out eFISHent might be the additional adrenaline highlight of your dream holiday in Croatia as well as an authentic experience and support to sustainable and responsible fishing and the protection of the sea :)

Natalie Sipak

+385 1 222 70 50