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Diving in Istria - Discover dreamlike diving spots in the northern Adriatic Sea

Diving in Istria - Discover dreamlike diving spots in the northern Adriatic Sea

Dive in and discover Istria's fascinating underwater world!

Istria has many scuba diving places and our seahorse is more than happy to share his home with you. He will present you all the fishes, snails, crabs and the rest of his neighbors in his world. His world is called “The underwater world” in which you can relax while listening to the sound of bubbles.

From the moment you put your head under the surface, you will discover the power of levitation and feel like a bird in the sky, only you'll be surrounded by water. In Adriatic sea, there is a lot of life and history, from the smallest snails up to the gigantic wrecks. Croatia is a great place for beginners and experienced divers, as well as those who never tried it before. If you want the experience of being underwater, there is always a possibility to make a discovery dive in diving centers across the entire coast of Istria.

Under the surface there is a completely different palette of colours that you can not find on land, and you will be amused by it. Various species like seahorses, flabellinas, different types of crabs, congers, morays, octopuses, scorpionfishes, crayfish, starfish etc. will open the doors of their home to you.
If you are a beginner diver, you have a lot of house reefs filled with life and artificial pieces around and like a beginner you have the option to visit them, which is not so deep. Istria has 24 wrecks and one is called Coriolanus (18-28m depth) located 7 miles outside of the north coast of Istria. The best diving center to dive this wreck is «Zeus Faber diving center» in Lanterna. If you're an experienced diver, we would definitely recommend a deeper wreck dive, the famous Baron Gautsch (28-41m depth), an Austro-Hungarian ship that sunk in 1914, 2 miles outside of Brioni islands. For that wreck, the best point is «Starfish diving center» in Vrsar.

view out of the sea at a steep partly green overgrown rock wall which rises up

If you want to meet the seahorses, go to “Blue Lagoon diving center” in Porec. Their house reef is filled with seahorses and this is a great place for shallow dive. Fun fact about seahorses - they are the only species in the world in which the male is pregnant ;)

For adventurists, scuba diver Istria has a great cave dive, the Banjol island in front of the old town of Rovinj. People like to say “ Istria is the paradise coast on Earth ”, but is also beautiful under the surface, so why not check it in a different way?
Rovinj-sub diving center is the best place to go for a cave dive. Usually, they make two dives combined with the Banjol cave dive, like a little trip on the boat. The best point to dive just wrecks is definitely Pula, and the last sunk wreck in Istria is “Vis”, an admiral ship. “ Vis” (20-34m depth) is just a few hundred meters away from the coast, easy to reach.

With all this pleasure, we can offer you another one. To enjoy your stay in Croatia even more while visiting and exploring those beautiful places, we can offer you amazing accommodation – from our villas in Pula you have a view on the diving place from the terrace ;) And you can bring your WHOLE family with you. On our website you can always find a beautiful villa to enjoy your vacations. So, our dear tourists, welcome to beautiful Croatia. Enjoy it under and above the sea!

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