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Discover the island life - the most unique islands of the Croatian Adriatic!

Discover the island life - the most unique islands of the Croatian Adriatic!

The nature created unusual shapes of the islands

"Croatia - the land of a thousand islands" is known all over the world and attracts more and more tourists every year. Besides the crystal clear sea water, the countless natural beauties, the islands are something that makes our coast so different. The diversity of the island world has no limits and there is something for every type of traveler! Nature creates the most beautiful works of art - three very unique islands in the shape of a fingerprint, a heart and a fish decorate the Croatian Adriatic. Book one of our villas in Istria, Dalmatia or Kvarner Bay for your vacation, pack your bags and start an unforgettable experience.

The island of Bavljenac or Baljenac is an uninhabited island of the Adriatic Sea located directly on the coast of Sibenik. Incredibly, it resembles a gigantic human fingerprint when you look at it from above. The oval shape of the island itself contributes to the appearance of the footprint. The "papillary lines" form stone walls that the inhabitants of the opposite island Kaprije built in the 19th century for agricultural purposes.

At that time the so-called dry stone walls served to protect crops from the wind. The stone walls are enlisted on the UNESCO list of immaterial cultural heritage since 2018. Hardworking volunteers from the Sibenik City Museum regularly remove the trees and bushes so that the fingerprint can be recognized. There is no harbor on the island, so it is recommended to explore the island by boat. Or you might decide to take a sightseeing tour by helicopter over the Sibenik archipelago? A unique and unforgettable way to explore this wonder of the Adriatic.


The heart of the Adriatic Sea is located in the middle of the Zadar archipelago. The island of Galesnjak is one of only three islands in the world nature has given the shape of a heart. It attracted the attention of the world after being photographed from the air by Google Earth in 2009, but historical data indicate that the island was noticed by Napoleon's cartographers as early as 1806. The fact that people lived here already 7000 years ago came from members of the Archaeological Research Team of the University of Zadar.

On the bottom of the sea between Galesnjak and the nearby island of Ricul at a depth of six meters was discovered an ancient structure of large amorphous stones. Further research confirmed the existence of 3 Illyrian burial mounds. Although the island is uninhabited nowadays and there are no buildings or tourist facilities except for several pebble beaches, it is the tranquility that attracts visitors. Galesnjak is one of the most popular destinations for couples and that is why it is also known as the "Island of Love". The easiest way to reach it is by boat from Zadar or the island of Pasman.


From a bird's eye view, the island of Gaz resembles a small fish "swimming" in the Adriatic Sea. It is the symbol of the Brijuni National Park, which consists of 14 individual islands, all of them under nature protection. The group of islands is located on the coast of the historical region of Istria, 12 km from the center of the city of Pula. It is an interesting fact that the logo of the National park is inspired by the shape of the island. The unique shape of the island of Gaz contributed to the popularity of this beautiful archipelago. Apart from its shape, it is fascinating also because of the remains of a dry stone wall that is up to four meters high. Unfortunately, we can enjoy the beauty of the island only from the air, because visits are allowed only to experts within the framework of research.

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