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Discover the Dalmatian Hinterland - an exciting journey full of surprises

Discover the Dalmatian Hinterland - an exciting journey full of surprises

Let´s undiscover the hidden beauties

What looks rather uninteresting at first glance, turns out to be a true, unpolished diamond at closer inspection. With its untouched, pristine and pure nature, the Dalmatian Hinterland is increasingly establishing itself as the cradle of Croatian tradition and culture.

The unknown country is hidden behind the massive mountains, with the well-known, dreamlike coast of Dalmatia laying at its feet. It stretches from Sibenik to Split and leans towards the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the east. This continental part of Dalmatia is characterised by rocky land and dry shrubbery, the so-called macchia. A tour by mountain bike, off-road vehicle or even a hike give you the opportunity to experience the rough nature up close.

Wine-growing areas, tobacco fields and olive groves surround the towns of Knin, Drnis, Vrlika, Imotski, Sinj and Vrgorac, where people traditionally deal with agriculture and stockbreeding. The shepherd's profession has a particularly long history here and modernisation has made it increasingly difficult to pass on this story. However, old stone houses, dry stone walls and small stone huts bear witness to their presence. The art of dry stone construction was added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in 2018.


Another highlight are the so-called “Stecci”, old tombstones. Also called the “Dalmatian Stonehenge”, they are an archaeological cultural monument that is also on the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites.

The rivers Krka, Cikola and Cetina and the lakes of Imotski are embedded in this mystical land. They provide humans and animals with the elixir of life and ensure that mandarins, lemons and melons are nicely juicy and thrive well. The rivers also make the active holidaymaker's heart beat faster, who wants to try rafting or prove his skills. For the leisurely among us, canoeing is offered. ;-)


The hospitable inhabitants of the Dalmatian Hinterland attach great importance to tradition and culture. Folklore, old songs and dances, artisanal, cultural and religious customs are lovingly cultivated and passed on to future generations. Many festivals and manifestations during the summer months give you the opportunity to get to know a part of this original culture.

Experience the last European knight tournament Sinjska Alka in Sinj, the exciting Bikijada bullfight in Radosic or cheer on the donkeys at the Magarece Trke race in Tribunj. These are experiences that even the little ones will remember forever.

Visit one of the open-air concerts on a mild summer evening and listen to the chants of the “Klape”. These are mostly male groups who sing a capella about the sea, the land and love and deeply touch the souls of all romantics.

Old folklore dances are also held, especially in the rural areas of Dalmatia. This old custom is revived and demonstrated every year at various festivals.


Something very special is the Ganga festival “Uz Gangu i Bukaru” in Cista Velika. For the first time, hear the folk chants of the farmers in their traditional robes, surrounded by torches that create a great atmosphere. Let yourself be told the legend about the “Zavelimske Vile” around the campfire: a story about fairies who enchant riders, steal their horses, then braid their manes and ride away with them.

Book one of our villas in Dalmatia and discover this unique region of Croatia. Be brave, look behind the mountain and let yourself be carried away into another world - the Dalmatinska Zagora.

Daniela Vuleta

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