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Delicious dishes from the Istrian Boskarin cattle that you absolutely must try

Delicious dishes from the Istrian Boskarin cattle that you absolutely must try

Taste delicious specialities prepared from local Istrian beef

For some time now, Istria has been on the list of all gastronomy lovers. Although this region is geographically very small, its gastronomic offer is rich and varied. If you are a fan of specialities such as fish and seafood, you can enjoy the first-class dishes in many restaurants along the coast. Central Istria stands out for its slightly "heavier" dishes consisting of meat, pasta and forest fruits. When we talk about traditional Istrian specialities, we must certainly highlight the local Istrian cattle called boskarin.

The Boskarin is the most widespread breed of white-grey cattle with long horns. This magnificent animal is the symbol of Istria. In the past, this animal was used for ploughing fields and transporting stones for building houses. After great technological developments, its role disappeared. Adult steers weigh up to 1300 kg, while cows weigh up to 650 kg. Today, its meat is considered a real Istrian delicacy, which you can try in different variations, some of which we will introduce to you in more detail.

#1 Boskarin Carpaccio - is an ideal starter that will awaken your appetite and introduce you to a delicious dinner of Istrian delicacies. Istrian beef, special in its texture and rich flavours, will delight all lovers of gastronomy. To create a unique experience, we recommend adding fresh, grated Istrian white truffles to the carpaccio, which will add extra flavour to this dish.


#2 Boskarin zgvacet - this dish is a good choice for a warm starter or even a main course that you can try in many Istrian taverns and restaurants. Zgvacet is an Istrian meat sauce similar to the Dalmatian pasticada. It is made from ripened boskarin and vegetables, as well as high-quality local teran, and is most often served with pasta or homemade potato gnocchi.

# 3 Boskarin beefsteak with pljukanci - an interesting combination of two dishes that go together perfectly Pljukanci is Istrian pasta of a specific shape, made from only two ingredients, flour and water. Because of its simple preparation, it has become one of the most popular homemade pastas. The steak is served in a butter-rosemary sauce, which completes the dish perfectly.

# 4 Boskarin cheeks in Teran - this dish is prepared from the most succulent piece of Istrian beef. The beef is finely seasoned with Mediterranean spices and slowly roasted over low heat (up to 4 hours). At the same time, a thick sauce is prepared from red Istrian teran, which is gradually reduced to obtain a certain consistency and aroma. Boskarin cheeks in teran are usually served with pumpkin and celery puree.


# 5 Boskarin sausage - one of the most delicious delicacies of the Istrian region is the Istrian beef sausage. It is often prepared with Istrian teran or malvasia and fresh truffles picked in the Motovun forest. It is served as a light snack or as a cold appetiser, with homemade cheese and a glass of local wine.

If you are staying in one of our villas in Istria and Kvarner, we recommend you to visit local taverns and restaurants and try the autochthonous Istrian beef, which will enchant you with its unique aroma. Enjoy a diverse gastronomic offer that will blow you away :)

Ana-Marija Tot

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