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Cycling through Istrian countryside - the best way to explore the nature

Cycling through Istrian countryside - the best way to explore the nature

Enjoy the beauty of Istrian nature while riding your bicycle!

In our My Istria guide, we have already written about the famous Istrian bike trail Parenzana and about bike-riding opportunities in Pula.
But, one should take into consideration that Istria is one of Croatia’s most prominent bike regions, since it offers more and more to bike enthusiasts, and every year the offer is getting richer. Biking is probably the best way to discover the amazing countryside that Istria has to offer, its rolling hills with the magic hilltop towns, breathtaking sea views, as well as the stunning architecture that goes back to ancient times. Your friend on two wheels will probably be your best companion on your round trip through Istria.
And of course - a region needs much more than one bike trail in order to be called famous among cyclists. So it is with Istria. There you can find around 150 bike trails, of various levels of difficulty and different themes like:

Medieval Towns And Wine Roads Of Momjan
Trail Of Sculptures By A Famous Artist
Stories from a Woodman's Cottage
Pedalling Along the 45th Parallel
On the roads of castles…. and many many more

Even if you are not a great bike enthusiast- if there is even a little bit of curiosity inside of you, then these trail names will just invite you to cycle along and to see what this amazing region has to offer. And the trails offer it all- from olive-oil and wine tasting, over historical and architectural attractions to amazing natural landscapes that are impossible to discover by car.

Woman with helmet on her mountain bike riding on a gravel trail by the sea

To help you cycle through Istria, some kind of map or signs would be useful. And this is another thing that has been taken care of. In whole Istria you will find road signs indicating the difficulty level of each trail. Therefore, if you see a bike trail marked in red, be prepared for a really demanding path that is meant for experienced cyclists.
The yellow signs mark trails of moderate difficulty, whereas the green signs indicate that the trail is perfect for casual rides. Green signs with a smiley on them mark so-called “Family&Recreation” trails. These trails are not demanding, but are safe, with little or no traffic and therefore perfect for families.

And if you should experience any problems with your bike during one of your rides, do not worry. There are so-called “Bike Friendly Points” on the peninsula. These are stations where you are able to make some fixes on your bike using available tools and spare parts.

And if you would like to practice and improve your biking skills there is the bike park Rabac. There you can find a 20-kilometer-long terrain of single and flow trails on a sandy and natural ground. Hence, there is no excuse for not taking your own bike or renting another during your stay in Istria, because the experience will be unforgettable.

Istria is famous for its Bike & Bed accommodation concept, where house owners ensure the best service to cyclists who are looking for a comfortable stay for themselves and a save storage for their bikes. In our offer, we have several villas that are part of the Bike & Bed concept. 

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