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Cycling routes in Dalmatia - experience the true bike adventure on your vacation

Cycling routes in Dalmatia - experience the true bike adventure on your vacation

Off to the south - explore the natural beauties of Dalmatia on two wheels!

After mentioning some cycling routes in the Zadar area, we will give a better insight into various cycling options in the rest of Dalmatia for all those who plan to spend their vacation in one of our beautiful villas in Dalmatia.

Sibenik area

Stunning coast, magnificent monuments in the city of Sibenik, rocky and water-rich hinterland, plain fields, mountain trails, panoramic views, forests and vineyards- you can find it all in the Sibenik region. If you are staying in one of our villas in Sibenik, cycling through this area is an amazing way to experience the diversity and natural and cultural gems of the region. This region has standardised cycling route markings. Some of the routes are on a road base, some on macadam and some are a combination of both. Depending on your affinities, you can choose among many undemanding routes, medium heavy routes and adrenaline-filled demanding trails.

For those seeking to unwind by cycling along family-friendly roads, there is a wide choice of more than 30 different undemanding routes, varying from 5 to 50 km length.
South from the city of Sibenik, there is an about 8 km long macadam route called Donje Polje, ideally suitable for families. This one is a circular route, but you can use parts of it to cycle from Brodarica to Jadrtovac along the coast. This route has approximately the same length and is also suitable for families. Near the place Lozovac, in the inland, there is also a quite short macadam road (approx. 5 km long) ideal for families.
For recreative cyclists, an approx. 23 km long route starting from the center of Sibenik is taking you along the coast to Brodarica and back through the fields and is an excellent way of combining a city and a rural bike tour.
A number of cycling routes can be found in the area of Vodice and Primosten. For example, one option is an interesting 24 km long, family-friendly circular route that includes a coastal ride and passing 10 villages in the hinterland of Primosten. There are also a few paths towards Rogoznica, passing the lake Dragon´s eye (Zmajevo oko).

One of the highlights of this region is the beautiful river Krka. It is recommended to start exploring Krka from the town Drnis. Some of the best panoramic spots of the inland area are covered by a 22 km long family macadam route starting in Drnis and enabling breathtaking views of the Krka river. The National Park Krka, the most famous part of the Krka River, is also accessible by bike and offers 14 different bike routes.
If you like to discover the islands, absolutely worth exploring on two wheels are Murter, Zlarin and Zirje.
For those who are ready for a bit more demanding routes in terms of length and rise, there is a whole range of MTB routes around Sibenik, along the coast around Primosten, around Drnis in the inland and several routes from Skradin, from which we can enchant the route that passes the canyon of the Cikola river.
Adrenaline lovers and challengers can try out the MTB trail to the top of the Promina mountain or the so-called Eagle’s Circle route (Orlov Krug) near Vodice.

a road leading downhill between colorful houses with flower cases and blue sky in Drnis

Split and Makarska Riviera

Fortress, lakes, canyons, karst fields, majestic islands- sounds quite good for a bike route? The area around Split has less bike routes to offer than the Sibenik or Zadar area, but those you can visit are pretty impressive. Here are some ideas…

Split and behind Split

You can always discover Split by cycling trough the city, but that can be hectic during crowded summer months. That is why a good option can be the Marjan hill and forest park above Split, where you can enjoy the nature, but also the beautiful view from above.
The area in the hinterland of Split is the so-called unexplored treasure of Croatia. Dugopolje, Trilj, Sinj and Vrlika belong to the part of Croatia that does not belong to the touristic hot spots and that most tourists simply avoid by the highway, but this area and its peaceful nature will surprise you, especially if you decide to discover it by bike.
Vrlika in Dalmatia´s hinterland offers some great cycling trails along the Cetina River and the Perucko lake. In Sinj, there are two circular cycling roads, both surrounding the beautiful Cetina river. One cycling path leads even right next to the breathtaking spring of the river.
Trilj is a small town in the rocky hinterland of Split and offers several cycling routes, varying from 10 to 38 km of length, asphalt and macadam paths. With those routes, you will pass villages in the surroundings, and discover something different and intriguing on each path. For example, a complex of 5 old mills, old tombstones from the Middle Age, the Museum of the Trilj region, ruins of forts like the Nutjak fort on the Cetina River…

Makarska Rivijera

For those willing to go more southern than Split and those staying in one of our villas in Makarska, the area around Makarska offers several interesting routes with some breathtaking panoramic views thanks to the hilly configuration of the trails. For example, it is possible to cycle along the coast from Brela to Makarska, or from Makarska to Tucepi. You can surround the town Makarska by a 15 km long route combining asphalt and macadam, coastal and hilly paths. For a bike adventure, pedal up to the peak of the Biokovo mountain.

To spice up your bike route, there are many beautiful cycling paths on the islands in the Split-Makarska area, as well. The island of Hvar has some gorgeous cycling trails to offer, but the island of Brac is the absolute winner when it comes to the number of cycling kilometres you can discover on an island. To access Brac, you have to take a ferry from Split and the rest is a cycling paradise!

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