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Croatian fritule - small donuts as a treat for the Christmas holidays

Croatian fritule - small donuts as a treat for the Christmas holidays

An authentic Croatian dessert

Every year we are looking for recipes with simple and tasty desserts for Christmas holidays. Here we are sharing a very easy and simple recipe for fritters, a famous Croatian dessert.

Fritters are desserts made of sweet dough that look like small donuts. In Istria and Primorje it is customary to make them during the Christmas season, but also in the summer season. Usually lemon zest or a little rum is added for flavour, and they can be filled with chocolate or jam. Thanks to rum, the sweet fried dough absorb less oil, and get a special taste.

For this quick and easy recipe you will not waste much time, and you will only need one bowl and a whisk. If you do not have rum or another type of brandy, then you can skip this ingredient because this dough will not absorb a lot of oil anyway.

If you want you can grate one medium apple into this mixture and add spices as desired, to add that extra taste and texture to the dough. You can also add raisins or when they are fried add some filling as desired. Fritters can be prepared from yeast dough or dough with baking powder.

So let's start preparing this famous dessert!


-1 egg
-180 ml of liquid yogurt
-2 tablespoons of sugar
-1 vanilla sugar
-1 teaspoon of rum
-a pinch of salt
-200 g of smooth flour
-half of a baking powder sachet
-if you want, add: lemon zest or cinnamon



1. Whisk the egg, then add the yogurt, sugar, rum and salt. Mix in the flour and baking powder. Mix everything together. The dough should be thick.

2. To shape the fritters, cut off the tip of a decorating bag about 2cm wide. Fill it with the mixture. If you prefer you can also shape the fritters with a spoon.

3. Heat up the oil in a deeper pot. There should be enough oil that the fritters can swim in it, and they should not touch the bottom of the pot. Once you have heated up the oil, reduce the heat to low. If you fry the fritters with high heat, they will not swell.

4. Squeeze the fritters over the pot. When enough of the mixture comes out of the bag, just cut it with a knife so that it falls into the oil.

5. Do not overfill the pot with fritters, leave room for them to inflate and turn on their own.

6. Once they are fried enough on one side, they usually turn over on the other side, if not, just touch them with a fork and they will turn.

7. Be sure not to overheat the oil. Fry them over medium heat for a few minutes until they take on a golden-brown color. Finally, sprinkle them with sugar or topping as desired.

And that's it! Your delicious fritters are ready :) Bon appetite!

Kristina Nikesic

+385 1 222 70 50