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Conquer Trsat Castle and its dragons - get a little closer to the legend

Conquer Trsat Castle and its dragons - get a little closer to the legend

Experience the magical legends of Trsat Castle

During your stay in one of our Villas with pool in Kvarner near Rijeka, we definitely recommend visiting Trsat Castle - a place you just have to see. Trsat is part of the city, on a hill above Rijeka and offers you a spectacular view of the entire Kvarner region.

We would like to tell you an interesting story, namely the legend of the Trsat dragons, which you will surely remember and which you will continue to tell.

A relaxing walk through the charming streets of Rijeka takes you to Trsat Castle, one of the oldest fortifications on the Croatian coast. As you get closer, your eyes will fall on a building that looks like a Roman temple, labeled “Peace of Heroes”. It is a mausoleum whose entrance is guarded by two creatures with spread wings, or as they are called - Trsat dragons. Both sculptures are very similar, but different. The dragon on the east side holds a field marshal's rod and a certificate, while the other holds a shield on the back.


One of the Legends says that Trsat dragons with rooster heads have the characteristics of a snake, a dragon and a rooster, while their cubs have the ability to kill their own parents just by looking at them. The only way to destroy them was to mount a mirror, because then they would perish by their own sight.

Another legend is about a kind-hearted dragon who was too attached to people. It lived in a cave above Trsat and had the same ritual every day - it came out of the cave and looked onto the city and happily stretched out his wings. In the distance there was a giant squid, which was also his greatest rival and hid in the secret depths of the Kvarner Bay. One morning the dragon spotted a little girl who was calmly drawing boats on paper. The Trsat guard (the dragon) watched her closely to see if the squid would be good. Soon the mayor (her father) and the little girl went home together. The next day the girl returned to complete her drawing, but surprisingly the squid attacked her and took her away. The dragon saved the girl. The next day the girl wanted to give the dragon her drawing as a sign of gratitude, but the dragon was gone. The Trsat rescuer flew away when he noticed that he was getting too close to humans. The girl's father thought that he would best keep the memory of a brave being by installing two bronze statues, that still keep the peace in Rijeka to this day.


As soon as you have the opportunity, you should definitely visit Trsat and experience this small but spectacular place.

Jelena Maric

+385 1 222 70 50