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Cetina, Krka, Zrmanja and Neretva - the largest rivers in Dalmatia with beauty that´s hard to describe with words!

Cetina, Krka, Zrmanja and Neretva - the largest rivers in Dalmatia with beauty that´s hard to describe with words!

Enchanting rivers of Dalmatia

Water gives life to all living things since the beginning of life.
Croatia has about 100 rivers and streams that are rich in water, flora and fauna. Not far from the Adriatic coast, in the hinterland of Hrvatska Zagora, you can discover the beautiful rivers of Dalmatia - Cetina, Krka, Zrmanja and Neretva.

Cetina River

The river Cetina springs near the small town of Cetina in the Dalmatian Zagora. It is about 100 km long. A unique and beautiful nature has been created along the riverbed. It flows into the Adriatic Sea, near the small town of Omis, known for its pirates and rich history.
The river Cetina is one of the most important rivers in Dalmatia, which connects three historic cities - Sinj, Trilj and Omis. If you are nearby, be sure to visit the Sinjska Alka event. 
Apart from its historical significance, the river Cetina is an extremely important tourist attraction of Dalmatia. One of the most beautiful canyons is the one of the river Cetina. Not far from the town of Omis, you can enjoy the beautiful nature created by the river Cetina, and for all fans of adrenaline, this river is a great choice for rafting and canoeing.
For lovers of heights, above the river Cetina, there is one of the most spectacular zip-lines in Croatia. Not far from the mouth of the river Cetina, is the city of Split, famous for the Diocletian's Palace, its promenade "Riva" but also for the most beautiful women in the world. Don’t miss out on tasting traditional dishes like vitalca, peka and soparnika.


Krka River

Near the royal town of Knin, springs one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia - the river Krka. It is 72 km long and it flows into the Adriatic Sea. The river Krka is certainly best known for its beautiful waterfalls that you can visit in the Krka National Park. You can read more about it in our My Istria guide.
What you probably didn't know is that the river Krka is home to as many as ten endemic fish species - some of them are the Marble trout and Adriatic trout, while the Illyrian chub and the brown trout predominate.
Unfortunately, fishing is not allowed, but don’t worry, fun is guaranteed! Near the Krka river, many small places will enchant you. Taste traditional dishes such as Drnis prosciutto (smoked ham) and cheese, Skradin risotto (which according to tradition is prepared only by men) or maybe lamb under the bell. After a delicious lunch, take a walk through the royal fortress in Knin or visit the beautiful town of Sibenik.


Zrmanja River

The river Zrmanja springs north of the town of Knin and flows through the canyon which is formed at the foot of the slopes of the Velebit Mountain range. Due to its beautiful canyons, through which it flows, the area of ​​the river Zrmanja is especially attractive to all mountaineering fans.
The river Zrmanja flows through karst, through which it creates waterfalls, that are ideal for rafting and canoeing. Zrmanja flows into the Adriatic Sea, not far from the city of Zadar. Visit the beautiful city of Zadar, known for its unique "Sea Organ" and the most beautiful sunset in the world.
Near Zadar, there is a beautiful small town of Nin, known for its beautiful sandy beaches and the oldest saltworks in these areas. Be sure not to miss tasting traditional dishes such as the famous Pag cheese from the island of Pag, shrimp on buzara, mussels or grilled fish.

Neretva River

The southernmost and longest river is the Neretva River, which flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina for most of its course. The Neretva passes through the fertile Neretva valley known for its green fields, the cultivation of sweet mandarins and juicy watermelons.
For all sports fans, the mouth of the Neretva river is a paradise for every kitesurfer. Try yourself in this adrenaline sport or refresh yourself with a cold drink while watching the stunts of professionals.
Not far from the mouth of the Neretva, visit the small town of Ston, which is known for its historic walls, but also traditional specialities such as black cuttlefish risotto, mussels on buzara and oysters. For all lovers of culture, visit the pearl of the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a beautiful town in the south of Croatia, known for its Old Town, numerous cultural monuments, beautiful beaches and nature. As the famous Nobel laureate and writer G. B. Shaw said: "If you want to see heaven on earth, come and see Dubrovnik."

river-Neretva-during-autumn-surrounded-by-many-fields-and agricultural-land

Have we piqued your interest? Are you curious what it is like to go rafting on the river Cetina, how the beautiful waterfalls of the river Krka look like, the canyons of the river Zrmanja look like or will you still try kitesurfing? Book your villa near these beautiful natural attractions and relax your soul and body from everyday stress.

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