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Before you go! - What you should definitely pack for your vacation in Croatia

Before you go! - What you should definitely pack for your vacation in Croatia

Pack your bags!

You're so happy that time has come to pack your suitcase!! And then you're standing there and don't know exactly what to take with you. ;-) We hope that our tips and ideas will make packing your suitcase easier for you.

Let's start with what is actually taken for granted: personal documents. This includes a valid passport or identity card. Whether at the border crossing, for registering with the tourism association or for the car rental - a document that confirms your identity is essential.

It is best to make copies of these documents and keep them in a different location from the originals. If the original is stolen or if you accidentally left or lost your bag somewhere, then a copy will make the situation a lot easier for you.


You should have your driver's license with you anyway if you are driving to Croatia or planning to rent a vehicle. We also recommend that you take an international driver's license with you, as this is often required by car rental companies and must be presented in addition to your original driver's license in the event of a traffic accident.

If you have chosen the plane or train for your trip, then you should not forget the flight or train ticket!

Please also take the booking confirmation for your booked holiday home in Croatia with you. It is best to print it out and have it ready, especially at the border crossing, in case the officials ask about it. You can register in advance for your entry via ENTER CROATIA. This saves time and will spare you manually filling out forms at the border crossing.

You will need a vignette to travel through Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. These can now also be purchased online in advance. This saves an unnecessary stop at one of the rest stops before or shortly after the border to buy them on site.

Think of your health insurance card and international insurance. In the event of illness, which of course we do not hope, such an insurance will make the process easier and save you possibly high treatment costs.


What you need above all for the trip but also on site is of course money! We recommend that you always have some cash with you. Not all establishments, shops, restaurants and taxis accept card payments. It also often happens that credit card machines do not work due to a poor internet connection.

Of course, you will not be carrying your entire travel budget with you in cash. Please save the telephone number of the blocking hotline with your EC or credit card. If the card is lost or stolen, you should be able to react quickly.

If you have already bought tickets for a national park, an amusement or aqua park, concert or festival online in advance, then the same applies: save and print!

Do you have a valid diving or sailing license? Croatia is the ideal place for diving and to explore the exciting underwater world. But sailing is also wonderful here! So don't forget the document that enables you to do this.

Especially if you have booked one of our dreamy luxury holiday homes with a pool with the whole family, then unfortunately the chances are high that one or the other of your fellow travellers will suffer from aches and pains.


Be it that the children are afflicted by travel sickness or seasickness, or that the climate change and unfamiliar foods are causing problems for your well-being and stomach, with a well-stocked first-aid kit you can at least alleviate the first symptoms. It is best to take a basic kit with you against nausea, fever, diarrhea, pain and minor injuries.

The long-awaited summer sun can be tricky ... So it's best to pack sunscreen with a high protection factor, a sun hat and sunglasses. So you will be well protected!

We would also like to recommend a spray or cream against the mosquitoes that unfortunately live almost everywhere in the south. This way you will be able to enjoy the wonderful evenings at the pool of your holiday home, carefree under the starry sky.

Swimwear for the pool and beach, summer clothes and something to throw on for cooler barbecues on the terrace of your villa or a romantic walk on the coastal promenade, should not be missing in your suitcase.


And if you now imagine yourself relaxing by the pool, a good book or your favourite magazine will surely come to mind. If you prefer to explore the area and discover new things, then a travel guide could also be an option for reading on vacation.

If you have chosen a villa with a playground, sports facilities or a children's playroom from our offer, you can now almost sit back and enjoy. Otherwise, it is best to take something with you for the children to play with, so that after all the activities Croatia has to offer you can enjoy your vacation in your private dream villa with pool.

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