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Ancient town of Pula and the amphitheatre - find out more about its history

Ancient town of Pula and the amphitheatre - find out more about its history

Pula - a feast for the eyes of every traveller

There are so many things in Croatia I would like to introduce you to! Sometimes it’s really not that easy to choose a topic. So dear travellers, dear guests, within today’s historical topic I’d like to welcome you in the biggest city in Istria and also the 7th biggest Croatian city – Pula! :)

Pula is located at the south of the Istrian peninsula. It’s a city that enjoys a mild climate and it’s known for its beautiful and clear sea, unspoiled nature, cultural events and 3000 years long history!

Today’s Pula was a place of interest also to the Romans so they left their heritage here. One of the most famous Roman monuments in Pula is the Pula Amphitheatre. This beautiful and astonishing piece of art is situated just a few meters from the shore in Pula’s city centre, outside the old city walls. The amphitheatre, one of the 6 still existing in the world, was too big to fit in the city centre. This very well preserved Roman amphitheatre, among Croats also called the Arena of Pula (Pulska Arena), was built between the 27BC and 68 AD. It was used for gladiatorial contests, public spectacles and wild animal fights.

Sunset in the Amphitheater, the symbol of the city of Pula

It could accommodate up to 23 000 spectators. Interior seating was arranged by gender and social class. The lower part, close to the stage and place of amusement, was for wealthy citizens, while the upper part was for poor citizens. The entrance was free of charge. The main idea and message of these events was panem et circenses (lat) or literally "bread and circuses": let’s have fun, let’s not think about problems and let’s keep the population peaceful. Under the Pula Amphitheatre there are underground passages. Back in the ancient times they were used by the gladiators when taking a rest and the animals were held there. In the 5th century gladiator fights became forbidden.
Nowadays the Pula Amphitheatre is well known and visited by tourists. Today, under the Arena of Pula, there is an exhibition of viticulture and olive growing in Istria from the ancient times.

Arch of the Sergians in Pula, also known as the Golden Gate

Once a gladiator stage, the nowadays Arena of Pula hosts numerous events and concerts of famous Croatian and foreigner musicians and artist. I will mention just a couple of them who performed here: Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, Manu Chao, Leonard Cohen, Jamiroquai, Anastacia, Eros Ramazzoti, Norah Jones, Alanis Morissette, Sinéad O'Connor, Elton John, and many many more. So check out the concerts and events for this season, come for the film festival, explore the city and stay in one of our beautiful villas with pool in Pula and its area.

Until next time – bok! ;)

Nikolina Mladic

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