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An interview with the villa manager about the exquisite Villa Stancija Baracija

An interview with the villa manager about the exquisite Villa Stancija Baracija

Get to know our fully-staffed villa- Villa Stancija Baracija!

You may or may not have seen our new very special villa that is the first fully-staffed villa in Istria, Villa Stancija Baracija. This amazing, expertly renovated villa complex is a stunning vacation spot that makes you forget all your everyday worries, and a glass of marvellous wine from the adjacent winery makes this forgetfulness even more attractive.

This complex is huge, and the property can accommodate up to 16 persons, so we thought that the best way to introduce the villa to you, is by interviewing the villa manager, Krunoslav.
So no more introductions, get to know Villa Stancija Baracija!

What makes Stancija Baracija special. What sets it apart from other villas in Istria?

Stancija Baracija is located on a private family estate, on top of a hill surrounded by centuries-old Istrian nature among carefully tended vineyards and olive groves. The greatest feature of Stancija Baracija is the feeling of peace and tranquility it provides.
The property offers absolute privacy and peace, quiet and untouched nature. The property has carefully landscaped horticulture with Mediterranean plants, a fragrant garden, an orchard, a vegetable garden and a garden with herbs. We can say that we are close to everything and far from everyone.


The villa is fully-staffed. What does this mean for guests?

Stancija Baracija welcomes guests with everything they could wish for. In order to have a completely fulfilled stay of rest and enjoyment in nature, we will do everything to make guests relax and feel satisfied. For this reason, guests have the impeccable service of the hosts at their disposal (property manager, concierge, chef, waiter, gardener and maid) who unobtrusively make sure that the stay of guests passes exactly as planned.
When preparing food, we use only organically grown foods either from our garden or from the surrounding area. For guests, this is more of a reason to relax and dedicate to their well-deserved vacation.


Tell us something about the additional services on the property. Is it true that there is an apitherapy course as well?

The property offers enough activities and attractions that guests do not have to leave it for at least a week. At Stancija Baracija we organize various courses (cooking, wine and olive oil tasting, swimming, painting in nature, beekeeping / apitherapy), massage by the pool, picnic in the olive grove, yoga classes and there is also an outdoor multipurpose sports field (for tennis, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball). For guests we also organize a visit to the winery Clai, Brijuni national park and historic Istrian towns, and they can also enjoy nature walks, hiking, cycling, golf, horseback riding, fishing, diving, hunting, water parks… Apitherapy is a natural way to strengthen the immune system with bee products. It is carried out by inhaling air from the hives and getting acquainted with the production and use of bee products, and is interesting to guests because it offers them a new experience related to health.

Tell us something about the history of Stancija Baracija? How old are the houses on the property?


Originally, a nineteenth-century house, Baracija has historically been the barn of wealthy local farmers. Today, the station is completely renovated, which in its almost a thousand square meters distributed in two buildings can accommodate sixteen guests.
The original houses and their history have been carefully preserved during the renovation, using original materials - wood and stone. The main house welcomes its ten guests on four floors, while the guest house offers its tenants additional privacy and peace, with a common living room, terraces and a perfect view of nature. Next to the main house is an outdoor terrace that will make shared moments unforgettable.

We have seen that there is lots of art on the estate? What works are on display in the houses?

The owners of the estate are cosmopolitans of Croatian and American roots and great lovers of art, wine and travel. They restored Stancija Baracija so that it would be the most beautiful property in Istria and so that the memory of it would always be a real pleasure. Inside the interior, antique pieces are mixed with new, modern and classic designs, and the uniqueness is underlined by an art collection that offers another opportunity to ennoble the spirit.


The estate is located next to the Clai winery. What is the connection between the winery and the property?

That's right, the property is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves of the Clai winery, the winery itself is recognised in the world for its top wines and we gladly recommend every guest to visit it and try their wines and olive oils. In fact, one wine is also called Baracija, after the location of the vineyard, and we offer it at Stancija Baracija as a specialty, along with other wines.

What makes the Clai winery special?

At Clai Winery, wine production is largely based on traditional grape and olive varieties. Production is based on organic farming, without chemical products, herbicides or insecticides, which further raises the quality of wine. Because of all the above, our guests at Stancija know that they are in the most natural environment and that the nature that surrounds them has not been treated with any chemicals.

Is there a wine at Clai Winery that you would single out?

There's no accounting for taste, all the wines are great, but if we have to single one out, it would be Brombonero…

So, if you haven’t fallen in love with the property already, just take a look at the photos. You will for sure, no doubt!

Sanda Kesedzic

+385 1 222 70 50