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Admirable panorama points and hilltop towns in Istria you need to see

Admirable panorama points and hilltop towns in Istria you need to see

Take a selfie with a magnificent background or just enjoy the stunning views!

If you have ever explored Croatia, you already know that it is a country full of breathtaking panorama points and unspoilt nature. It is no secret that some of the most beautiful views are hidden in the Istria and Kvarner region.The Istrian peninsula is home to numerous hilltop towns and villages with breathtaking views and rich history. As it is difficult to single out only some of them, we did our best, and narrowed it down to a list of lookout points definitely worth visiting.


Pazin is a charming little town also known as the “heart of Istria”. It is famous for the medieval fortress Kastel, which is located 270 meters above sea level, and overlooking the amazing Pazin cave.
The view from the top is breathtaking, and definitely a scene to remember. You can explore the Pazin cave by simply walking along the hiking trails, or even go on a speleological adventure and explore the underground world accompanied by experienced speleologists. Regardless if you are looking for a relaxing vacation spent in nature, or strive for an adrenaline-packed experience, Pazin has it all!


Motovun is one of the most attractive Istrian medieval towns, set 277 meters above sea level. It is a perfect place for nature and adventure lovers. Visitors can enjoy walks through the medieval streets, explore the countryside through various bike and hiking trails, or simply take in the amazing views from the city walls.

The walls are surrounding the main square and old city center of Motovun, and have amazing hilltop views of the entire surrounding area. The famous Motovun forest- the best known truffle habitat in Croatia, the Mirna River valley and numerous vineyards on the surrounding hills, are just one small part of what you can see from the old city walls of Motovun.


Plomin is a small fortified town on a hilltop. The lookout point Plomin is 166 meters above sea level, and it provides one of the most beautiful views onto the entire Kvarner bay and the islands Cres and Losinj. The beautiful nature surrounding Plomin will make you want to stay forever!

Plomin also has a rich history worth mentioning, since visible traces of the past can be found all over the little town. Most of the town buildings are several hundred years old, and were built on ruins of the original Roman houses which date back to the 9th century.



Ucka is a nature park with amazing panoramic views of the entire north Adriatic. The highest point is Vojak, at 1.401 meters above sea level. On top of the hill, there is a tower that has wonderful panoramic views towards the Istrian peninsula, the Kvarner bay and the mountains of Gorski Kotar. The tower was built in 1911 by mountain climbers and nature enthusiasts, and it even served as a military and naval lookout point.

All over the nature park Ucka are numerous hiking and cycling trails, as well as many tourist attractions worth visiting, such as the hamlet Trebischia and the “Water of Joseph II” fountain.

Make sure to visit Istria, stay at one of our villas and enjoy the unforgettable views!

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