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Ferievillaer i Zagreb

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Ferievillaer i Zagreb
As the capital and the largest town in Croatia, Zagreb offers something for everyone. Recharge your batteries in one of our villas with pool just outside of the city or visit this lovely metropolis and enjoy its architecture, parks and numerous cafes.
Experience a city full of life that is perfectly designed for everyone. Visit one of our villas near Zagreb and enjoy the many possibilities this capital has to offer . Whether you want to spend a day in nature or drink coffee in the city centre, this city offers everything your heart desires!

Although Zagreb is located in central Croatia, you can feel the touch of the Mediterranean in the air, not only because of its proximity, but also because of its way of life. Zagreb is the capital and the seat of many institutions, but there is no place for a hectic life in this city. Take a walk around the main square and streets of the city, where there are many restaurants and cafés, always full of people. You wonder how and why? The tradition of drinking coffee is a way of life, not only in Zagreb, but all over Croatia. The citizens of Zagreb always find time to meet their friends and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The long history of the city has left many signs in its appearance, but also in the cultural sphere, such as numerous theatres and galleries and other sights. Ban Jelacic Square is the largest and central square in the city of Zagreb, from where it is best to start exploring the city. In the northern part of the Old Town is the so-called Upper Town, which is still the main centre of political life. However, if you head south, you will walk through beautiful parks full of life and tranquillity. Discover unusual Zagreb museums like the Museum of Broken Relations, the Museum of Illusions or the Chocolate Museum.

For all lovers of gastronomy, Zagreb is a place where Mediterranean and continental cuisine melt together and create unique flavours. Visit the main market Dolac, which is located in the city centre not far from the main square. The market is charming not only because of the numerous red Sestine umbrellas, but also because of the lovely sellers, who will immediately charm you. Try traditional dishes like duck with mlinci, an apple strudel or Strukli with cottage cheese. The numerous wine routes around the city are also a must-see.

If you like to spend your time in nature, Zagreb's parks and surroundings are an ideal place for an excursion. Visit the Medvednica, Zumberak or Plesivica Nature Park, rich in hiking and cycling trails. If you decide to take a walk along a lake, visit the Bundek, Jarun or Maksimir parks, which offer numerous sports activities such as cycling, beach volleyball or even water sports. Zagreb is a good choice in the summer months, but if you choose to visit it in the winter, you will not regret your decision. During the winter months Zagreb turns into the most beautiful winter wonderland. Apart from the fact that Zagreb has been declared as the best Advent tourist destination for three years in a row, a ski competition is held in Zagreb during this period and attracts more and more guests every year.

We hope that you will discover the magic of the city for yourself and therefore we invite you to visit the city of Zagreb and its surroundings. Stay in one of our luxury villas with a pool in the surrounding area.

What to see and experience in Zagreb:

Visit the Upper town and Kaptol
Visit Dolac market
Taste traditional dishes or take part in a cooking course
Visit the unique museums of Zagreb
Take part in one of the many street festivals
Discover the surroundings of Zagreb
Discover the wine routes

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