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Villas in Istria


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Come and stay in the most beautiful villas in Istria and explore the magic land. Istria is a fascinating region of Croatia, it's like a fairy tale land described in some story book. The heart of Istria is full of medieval towns situated on the top of green hills and each of them is hiding something worth seeing. Down the hills are green valleys with colorful vineyards and streams that flow into the clear blue sea. The voice of the past is calling all the visitors to Istria's coastal towns, where the rich history can be seen in ... Read more every step while walking down the old stone streets. The best way to explore all the Istrian charms is by staying in the secluded villas in Istria and experience the perfect dream vacation. Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and the most intriguing region of them all. It's known as the green and blue Istria; where the unspoiled countryside of medieval hilltop towns, pine forests, fertile valleys and vineyard dotted hills meet the unforgettable, historically rich coastal towns and the crystal clear blue sea.
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