A good way to get to know Istria is through its exceptional gastronomy. The symphonies of flavor in Istrian food are going to arouse all your senses. When relaxing in a villa in Istria experience all the goodness of its colorful dishes in lovely Istrian restaurants. Treat your taste buds to a flavorful trip with exceptional Istrian cuisine.

Istria is a land of delicious food and flavorful wines, but the gastronomic pearl is no doubt the truffle. The truffle is a mysterious and unique mushroom that grows underground and can only be found by well trained dogs tracing it by smell. This amazing mushroom can be found growing in the fertile valley of the river Mirna near the Motovun forest and in the region of Buzet. Many chefs around the world agree that truffles are a diamonds of the kitchen. On the menus of Istrian restaurants most recommended dishes with truffles are traditional Istrian pasta fuzi or pljukanci with black or white truffle, fish or shrimps with white truffle and steak with grated truffle and for dessert truffle ice cream. Another interesting fact is that the largest truffle in the world was found growing right here in Istria, in Croatia. Try your luck and go truffle hunting with a fun trained crew.
The favorite Istrian dish is Istrian manestra, a thick vegetable soup that everybody coming to Istria must try. A mix of bacon, garlic and parsley gives this meal a great kick. Once the most common meal found on Istrian tables became popular once again and won over all the people searching for a true traditional meal.
Another Istrian delicacy is wild asparagus. This self-propagating plant can be harvested in the Istrian woods and meadows in the spring time. So it also became a great outdoor recreational activity that gives all the asparagus pickers a great pleasure. Restaurants in Istria traditionally prepare asparagus stems with eggs, an omelet called frittata, but they also can be prepared baked, boiled, sautéed or simply as a salad.
A true gastronomic specialty is the meat of the Istrian Ox, popularly called Boskarin. This quality beef is most often prepared cooked in sugo, a gravy-like sauce, and paired with pasta, known as the njoki or fuzi.  It is also prepared boiled, fried in a pan with seasonal wild plants and olive oil.
Istrian pride is certainly their ham. This highly regarded ham is produced without any nitrites, nitrates or smoke, so it's considered to be one of the most healthful cured meats in all of the Mediterranean. It's served thinly sliced with homemade cow or sheep's cheese and olives. Its quality is recognized throughout the world, so it became a protected food and a true gastronomic pleasure.
No Istrian dish can be prepared without the olive oil which is considered to be the elixir of life. Because of the olive oils great health benefits, olive trees are considered to be the queen of all trees. Istrian olive oil won many awards as being the best in the world. So during your stay in our villas in Istria take a tour of the Olive Oil roads and learn all the details concerning Istrian oil makers, olive growers, cellars and small taverns.
Istria also offers a great selection of seafood caught in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. The most popular seafood served in Istrian restaurants are spider crab, scampi, lobster, scallops, oysters, clams, mussels and sardine pilchard. Istrian people are masters in preparing seafood and they will offer you specialties based on their tastiest recipes with love.
Last but certainly not least are the Istrian grapevines. The Istrian wine's bouquet and body is enriched by the diversity of the climate and soil on which they are grown. The most praised wines in Istria are Malvasia, Teran, Muscat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Many Istrian people believe that the wine is an unearthly sacred potion, a necessity and passion, the culture of living that they can’t imagine their life without. While staying in a villa in Istria don't miss out on a wine tour, an adventure through the landscapes and picturesque hills of Istria.
Therefore, while vising Croatia, and during your stay in one of our holiday villas in Istria get a taste of the exquisite Istrian cuisine and discover the true essence of Istria.
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