First restaurant in Croatia with the Michelin star!

Croatia is becoming a well-known and popular tourist destination. Evidently more and more visitors are interested in Croatia, and this for various reasons. In Croatia you can expect the crystal clear Adriatic sea, numerous beaches, breath-taking sceneries, inviting architecture, charming historical towns, beautiful national parks, and many more. And when I say many more, I also mean fantastic local food, quality wine and good restaurants! In fact, you can find such a superb cuisine in Croatia, that even famous Michelin guide decided to include Croatia in its list. In February 2017 Michelin inspectors recommended and listed in the Michelin guide some of the 30 top restaurants in Croatia in the region Istria, city of Dubrovnik and in the capital, Zagreb. And one restaurant got the prestigious culinary award Michelin star. And what more can a restaurant, in which good food in being served, ask for?

Stay active on your holiday in Croatia, try out picigin!

Hallo everyone, bok svima!
Would you like to stay active during your holiday in one of our villas with pool at the seaside? Do you like outdoor sports activities on the beach, which are fun? What do you think of outdoor sports activities in which there are no opposing teams, no keeping score, and, still, it is a team sport? I have a suggestion for you! While you were on the beach, maybe you noticed women and men standing in shallow water in a circle and playing with a small ball? If you were wondering what they are doing and why it seems they have so much fun, continue reading this and learn something new: this is a traditional ball game called picigin.

Croatia as a holiday destination in summer 2017

This is the moment to say: “Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!” As we are leaving 2016 behind us, let’s take a closer look. How did you like your holiday in 2016? Where did you go? Which tourist destination you wish you had visited, but you didn’t? Take a deep breath and a moment to think. Now think about new opportunities in 2017. Which region would you like to visit in 2017? What kind of accommodation would be the perfect for you? Are you up for lively well-visited tourist destinations, or for a relaxed vacation in a peaceful small village? Once you answer these questions, take into consideration the following pros in favour of Croatia from this post. Maybe this can help when making a decision to visit beautiful Croatia and stay in one of our amazing villas with pool in Istria and villas with pool in Dalmatia.

Why are Brijuni Islands Heaven on Earth?

Welcome back! :) Since much can be written about the Brijuni Islands National Park, I divided the story in two posts. More information about its location and short overview, you may find in my last posts: here. I tried to show you why a visit to the Brijuni Islands is an excellent idea during your stay in one of our villas with pool in Istria! ;) If you would like to learn something more, keep reading. 

Who is Lanka and what is she doing in the Brijuni Islands National Park?

Let’s do another daily trip during your stay in our villas with pool in Istria! :) Did you know that in Istria there is one amazing national park? Brijuni Islands National Park are located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, near Pula. Brijuni Islands can be accessed easily by a short boat ride from a small and lovely town near Pula known for fishing and fishermen – Fažana. 

Are you ready for wine roads in Croatia?

Grape vine cultivation and winemaking is a centuries-old tradition in Croatia. Both in the continental part of the Croatia and in the coastal region, vineyards are part of the beautiful Croatian landscape. Although winemaking for personal use was a tradition passed down from generation to generation in many families, nowadays many family businesses have adopted modern wine-production methods and have become larger wineries offering quality wine. 

Croatian cuisine (part II)

(Usage advisory: do not read this post if you are hungry.)
In my last post I started to write about Croatian cuisine and what to taste while staying in our beautiful villas in Istria or villas in Dalmatia. Besides those terrific dishes, there are also many other gastronomic delights! This time I’ll give you an overview of the ones typical for Central Istria. Let our motif remain homemade! ;) 

Croatian cuisine (part I)

(Usage advisory: do not read this post if you are hungry.)
Although in one of my last posts I mentioned that Croatia is a small country, when it comes to food, its variety of tasteful specialties is more than big. 

Summer in Poreč (Ljeto u Poreču)

Summer just arrived and your adventure spirit suddenly woke up, eager to try and visit something new. Click on Google Maps. Search for Poreč, Croatia. And when you find it, explore it and get some information. Because Poreč might be your next holiday destination. 

Are you romantic?

Pozdrav svima! Hello everyone!
Recently I was asked: ”What is the name of the picturesque town that can be found on the pictures, you know, the town that looks quite romantic, small cobbled streets, tower, church, it looks like an island with small boats in the front”. Truth to be told, it took me a while to think. I didn’t have a clue what my collocutor was talking about. “Huh, there are so many possibilities. I’m not quite sure I know what are you talking about.” I admitted humbly. But then he continued: “Oh come on, you know, I actually think that was awarded with the title of one the most beautiful coastal towns. I think they call it the most romantic town in Istria!” And then it hit me: “Oh, Rovinj!”.

Dobrodošli u Pulu! Welcome to Pula!

There are so many things in Croatia I would like to introduce you to! Sometimes it’s really not that easy to choose a topic. So dear travellers, dear guests, within today’s historical topic I’d like to welcome you in the biggest city in Istria and also the 7th biggest Croatian city – Pula! :)

Parenzana in Istria - perfect for day trip on bike!

Are you looking for a recommendation for an active daily trip? Well, I have one! :)
Between 1902 and 1935 there was a railway connecting Trieste in Italy and Poreč, a coastal town which is nowadays in Croatia. At the time of the at the time of the railway's existence, Poreč was called Parenzo – hence the name Parenzana.

Let’s put Zadar on our radar!

In one of my previous posts I divided the Croatian coast in 3 major regions: Istria, the Kvarner Bay and Dalmatia. Since you’ve already learnt something about Istria and the Kvarner Bay, it’s time for Dalmatia, more specifically, the Zadar area! If the famous Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, you don’t want to miss it! ;) Romantic, huh? ;) Of course, the Zadar area is more than just sun and the sea.

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Hello everyone, bok svima!
I’m starting to think that through this blog journey I’m also discovering to you a lot about myself, not just Croatia. I hope you don’t mind ;)
So this time I have decided to share with you one of my favourite quotes, which is “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Traveling and collecting moments, making memories, meeting new people, new cultures – it really makes you a happier and better person :)

Let’s go to the Istrian beaches!

Usually when the people I meet abroad ask me about Croatia, Jadransko more – the Adriatic Sea is one of the first associations and our conversation topics. Croatia is known as the land of thousand islands and the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea! Although I was born and grew up in Zagreb, the Croatian capital, going to the coast and spending summer vacations there or on the islands, was and still is an important part of my life and it has a special place in my heart. Just imagine yourself lying on the beach while the pleasant breeze plays with your hair, the hot sun warms your skin and you are looking at waves rhythmically chasing one another. So peaceful, so amazingly beautiful. And then you dip your toe into the turquoise salty sea, make a couple of steps and enjoy swimming. Who wouldn’t like to spend a vacation like this? :)

Lost in season or what's the weather in Croatia like?

Autumn. The part of the year when summer is gone. When summer reminiscence makes you smile as the new beginning is coming. As far as I am concerned, New Year's Resolutions should be made in September, and not January. Maybe this is because up until recently September was a new beginning for me: back to university, hello new semester. So yes, autumn. Leaves are falling, leaves are in so many different colours: orange, brown, yellow, red… Days are shorter, the air is cooler, our clothes are warmer and let’s count the days until Christmas Holidays. At least it supposed to be like this. 

Croatia and its Majesty the Truffle? Yes, please!

Let’s put this story on the map first. Europe. Croatia. Istria. Central Istria. Mirna River Valley. Motovun Forest. Found it! Truffles? Yes, truffles as well! Allow me to try to explain. The Motovun Forest not only offers green peacefulness, but also hides secret treasures, hidden in the soil. They are called truffles, tartufi in Croatian.

Spending quality time in our villas in Croatia

Bok! I hope my suggestion to rent a villa in Croatia gave you food for thought and that you have checked our webpage and our offer of villas in Croatia since my last post. ;)
Since you are considering to spend your holidays in Croatia, I will provide you with few useful tips if staying in holiday villas in Croatia. 

Holiday in villas in Croatia? Yes, please.

Have you ever been to Croatia, the wonderful land with thousand islands and the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea? Would you like to visit Croatia and discover its landscape and nature? Would you like to get familiar with Croatian culture and have a completely relaxing holiday in a property rented just for you and your family and friends?
If your answers are yes, spend your holiday the best possible way: stay in a villa with a pool in Croatia!

Villas in Croatia

Since Croatia is becoming a more and more popular holiday destination, the offer of accommodation is becoming more interesting and more diverse. Villas are definitely an interesting aspect of holiday accommodation, offering you enough relaxation, luxury and privacy at the same time.
If you are interested in villas in Croatia, but do not know where to go, which region to choose, then we might give you some insight into villas in different regions of Croatia:
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